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How to Call In the Best Deals on Cellular Phones

The idea of being without a cell phone is rather terrifying to me — in all honesty, I don’t even want to think about it. What I do want to think about are all the ways you can shop online for cell phones and get the hottest deals on the latest and greatest devices. Shopping at select Ebates-featured stores like Cellular Outfitter and Straight Talk can help you find the best prices on cell phones and related things like plans and accessories, all while earning Cash Back at Ebates.

Earn Cash Back From Ebates When Buying Cell Phones

To make money while saving money, just shop for your new cell phone through Ebates at any of the Ebates featured stores. You’ll automatically earn Cash Back on every eligible dollar you spend. Just go to the store page of your choice at Ebates and click Shop Now. You’ll immediately and automatically start earning Cash Back. You can also download and install the Ebates web browser plug-in so you won’t ever miss out on Cash Back.

Buy Refurbished or Used Cell Phones

Lots of online stores offer refurbished cell phones. These phones are always tested and repaired if needed, and they almost always come with an additional warranty. They also come with a price tag that can be hundreds of dollars less than a non-refurbished phone. If the phone you have your eye on is expensive, check for it in refurbished form and you could save yourself a lot of money and still get a high-quality device.

Consider second-hand phones from places like eBay if you’re looking to save even more money. You can also buy refurbished and even brand new devices from eBay.

Wait for New Models to Come out, and Buy an Old Model

It seems like new cell phones are always being released. It’s nearly impossible to keep up, unless you want to set aside a special cell phone budget, which I definitely don’t want to do, and I doubt you do either. If you aren’t someone who has to have the newest phone the minute it comes out, you can stay on trend and still save by being just a little behind. Wait until the newest model of phone gets released, and the last model will drop in price by a significant amount.

Find Free Shipping

Lots of places offer free shipping if you buy your cell phone through them. Many times, you can even get expedited shipping at no extra cost.

Shop During Special Sales Events

Wait for special sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or special back-to-school events to buy your new cell phone, and the savings will be so worth the wait. Stores that specialize in cell phones, like AT&T and BlackBerry, offer annual or semi-annual sales events where phones can be found at huge discounts. Stores that carry cell phones, like Target, Newegg, and Abt Electronics, hold annual or semi-annual sales events where phones, amongst other things, get marked down. You can also find monthly or even weekly specials at these stores that sometimes include cell phone discounts. It’s always worth checking sales websites and flyers from stores that sell phones.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes Found at Ebates

Store pages at Ebates are the perfect place to go to find all of the current sales and promo codes available with particular stores. You’ll always be able to find some sort of money-saving promo code. For example, going to the Best Buy page at Ebates gives you a list of all of the current promotions going on, all in one convenient place. You never know when you’ll find a promo code that’s good for a discount on all cell phones or a specific brand of phone at your store of choice.

When it comes to finding the perfect price on the cell phone you want, it’s easy to find a deal at an Ebates featured store and find special promo and coupon codes and earn Cash Back for even more savings.
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