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Stay Hooked up to the Best Deals on Electronics Accessories

There are so many innovative computer accessories out there today, from basic and functional necessities like wireless keyboards and mice to elaborate bluetooth devices that let you take your computing to a whole new level. Whether you’re like me and have a cat who chews through your power cords as fast as you can buy them, or like my son in college who wants all the latest gadgets so he can stay cooler than cool, there are ways that you can save big on getting all the computer accessories you need or want. Here are some tips for buying your computer accessories online.

Earn Cash Back From Ebates When Buying Computer Accessories

Shop for accessories through Ebates at any of the Ebates featured stores and you’ll automatically earn Cash Back on every eligible dollar you spend. Just go to the store page of your choice at Ebates and click Shop Now to start earning your Cash Back. You can also download and install the Ebates web browser plug-in so you’ll never miss out on Cash Back.

Use Store Credit Cards for Earning Rewards and Getting Perks

If you have a store credit card with a company that sells computer accessories, make sure you remember to use it when you order your accessories. Shoppers sometimes forget about the perks that come with using these cards and miss out on them by paying cash or using a different credit card. I’m guilty of this myself, so I always try to pay attention to which card I’m using so I don’t miss out on perks and can earn my rewards. I also use these store cards to help build up my credit on orders I would place anyway. After I use store cards, I pay them off right away so I never have to pay any interest or fees, and I always get the rewards that I would have missed out on if I had just paid with cash or with a different credit card.

Some store cards offer everyday savings and discounts just for using the card, so you’ll save money every time you shop with the card. The Target Red credit card offers a 5% discount every time you use the card, which can really add up if you shop at Target often. Check to see if there are any sales going on at places through which you have a store credit card so you can get a great price on your computer accessories while racking up rewards points and getting extra discounts. It’s also worth considering opening up a new store credit card for your computer accessory orders depending on what the perks are at your store of choice.

Keep an Eye out for Special Sales Events

Lots of stores have annual, semi-annual, holiday, or seasonal sales events where you can save money on computer accessories. Places like eBay and Newegg have back-to-school sales and savings events to watch for, and computer accessories are usually a part of those sales. Don’t forget about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales around the end of the year, too. If it’s close to that time of the year, it could really pay off to wait and watch for the next big sale at one of your favorite stores so you can get your accessories at an unbelievable price. You can stock up on extra power cords and also treat yourself to a new laptop carrying case or bluetooth speaker while you’re at it.

Shop in the Clearance and Sale Sections

If you just can’t wait for a sales event, you can always find products on sale in the clearance or sale sections of online stores. I love stocking up on the computer basics I know I go through a lot when I find a good sale. Accessory Geeks is a favorite place of mine for finding cool accessories at hot prices, and always a good sale.

Find Free Shipping Specials or Codes

Free shipping is one of my favorite things. When I see a website that offers it, I am immediately more comfortable with shopping there, knowing that I don’t have to try to spend a minimum amount or shell out extra money for everything I buy. Dell Consumer has all the computer accessories you’ll need, especially if you run a Dell machine, and they offer free shipping on every single order, every single day.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes Found at Ebates

Store pages at Ebates are the perfect place to go to find all of the current sales going on at particular stores. You can also find special promo and coupon codes that can help you save even more money. For example, going to the Best Buy page at Ebates gives you a list of all of the current promotions going on in one convenient place. You may find one for a discount on all computer accessories!

When it comes to finding the perfect price on accessories for your computer, find a deal at an Ebates featured store and watch for sales, sales events, and special promo and coupon codes. While you save money, you’ll be earning money through Cash Back at Ebates as you get decked out with the coolest new gadgets.
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