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Snapshots of the Best Ways to Save on Digital Cameras

While most smartphones these days have built-in digital cameras and video-taking capabilities, nothing beats having an actual digital camera or camcorder that lets you take high-quality pictures and videos. Whether you’re going on a vacation that you want to remember, trying your hand at shooting your first documentary, or just want to take funny videos and pictures of your cat to become Internet famous, you’ll really appreciate having these devices separate from your smartphone when it comes to quality, storage, and longevity.

Don’t think that it’s too expensive to own this equipment. It’s surprisingly affordable if you just take advantage of a few smart shopping tips.

How to Get Cash Back on Digital Cameras and Camcorders

When you shop through Ebates, you’ll earn Cash Back on every single eligible order you place. All you have to do to earn this Cash Back is shop through Ebates. It’s so easy! Just shop as you normally would and check out as usual from your chosen store, and don’t forget to enter any coupon codes you may have claimed. That’s all you have to do to get your Cash Back from Ebates!

Use or Open a Store Credit Card

Whenever you place a relatively big order at a store, it’s smart to consider opening up a store credit card if it means you’ll get a good discount on that initial order. Sometimes you’ll get up to 30% off your first order, which, on a more expensive item or order, can really make a huge difference and be well worth it.

If you already have a store card at a specific store, don’t forget to use it. You’ll usually earn points for each dollar you spend, and adding a bigger order to your rewards collection, like a digital camera or camcorder, will bring you that much closer to earning your reward.

Shop Sales and Close-Out Sections

If you don’t have specific needs or a certain brand or model in mind for the digital camera or camcorder you plan on buying, you can save a lot of money by shopping close-out deals. With how fast technology changes, there are almost always items that are going obsolete but are still sound, solid digital cameras or camcorders that would serve anyone well. When new advances in technology come out, older technology tends to plummet in price rather quickly. If you’re shopping for a digital camera or camcorder and are open to different brands, models, and specs, check to see what’s currently on sale at places like Best Buy, Newegg, and others.

Shop for Refurbished Digital Cameras and Camcorders

Refurbished digital cameras and camcorders come with serious savings, and also a warranty in most cases. These items from trusted brands like Panasonic and Samsung are always tested, repaired, and given a new warranty by certified technicians. They also come with lower price tags than brand new items. In most cases, you can’t even tell the difference between a brand new camera or camcorder and one that has been refurbished, but you’ll certainly appreciate the difference in price.

Use Coupon and Promo Codes

You don’t always have to wait for stores to send you their promo codes in emails. Just head over to the store pages at Ebates to find codes for stores that sell digital cameras and camcorders. These codes will give you extra discounts like free shipping, free gifts with orders, extra percentages off, and so many other ways to save.

Current sales and promotions going on at that store are also listed on the page for convenient and quick access all in one streamlined place. Check back often to see what the most recent coupon codes and sales are so you never miss out on a deal.

Whether you’re looking for a new digital camera for taking fabulous selfies or doing elaborate nature photography, you’re guaranteed find one through Ebates at a discount that’s worth smiling about — and earning your Cash Back at Ebates makes things even more picture perfect!
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