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Exclusions: Cash Back is only available for select departments. Cash Back is not available on the purchase of eBay gift cards.

Special Terms: Cash Back is only paid on legitimate Winning Bid or "Buy It Now" transactions. Cash Back will not be earned on unpaid items with eBay. A maximum of $50 Cash Back may be earned on any single purchase.

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Be sure you understand limitations to Cash Back at eBay:

Cash Back is only paid on legitimate Winning Bid or "Buy It Now" transactions. Cash Back will not be earned on unpaid items with eBay.

A maximum of $50 Cash Back may be earned on any single purchase.

eBay > The 7 Best Secrets to Saving Money on eBay

The 7 Best Secrets to Saving Money on eBay

We all love eBay — it’s so much fun to bid and to buy. Whether you’re looking for one-of-a-kind vintage dress or a new laptop computer, you really can find everything and then some from the endless realm of sellers on eBay. Everyone knows eBay is the place to go for incredible deals and auction steals, but you may not be fully aware of all the money-saving opportunities at your fingertips.

Read on to discover the our best money-saving tips for buying and bidding on the coolest finds on eBay at the best prices possible!

1. Find eBay Deals, Coupons & Cash Back

It’s so easy to get Cash Back with eBay! Join for free and get a bonus just for joining, which you’ll receive after your first Cash Back order. eBay coupons and deals are another great way to save bundles of cash. There are usually a ton of additional deals when you stack your savings, so don’t pass them up!

2. Do Your Research Before Buying or Bidding on eBay

eBay has a really useful feedback and ratings feature that lets you and others in the eBay community rate both sellers and buyers. Another useful feature is eBay’s rating system for sellers that’s based on factors like buyer feedback and overall performance. Look for PowerSellers and brands with eBay stores, including Target, Best Buy, Vera Bradley and Jockey. Checking the feedback and eBay rating when you’re considering buying or bidding on something is like having quick conversation with hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of other eBayers about their experience with that particular seller or item of interest. So, say you’re looking at a really cute pair of shoes and you don’t know if they’ll quite fit. You notice the seller has sold 10 other pairs from the same brand, so you can then check the feedback rating to see if people were satisfied or if people commented about the sizing. Of course, messaging the seller is always an option, but sometimes your questions can be answered immediately just by taking a quick look at other buyers’ experiences. This is a good way to get the inside scoop to help you find exactly what you’re looking for while giving you the confidence to make that bid.

3. Negotiate with eBay Sellers to Get the Best Price

Which brings us to our next point… negotiate, negotiate, negotiate! As we mentioned earlier, look for flaws and use those flaws to negotiate and bring down the price. If you see a product that looks like it is over-priced, you can email the seller and propose a more realistic bidding price within 24 hours to also get Cash Back. And voila! You’ve saved yourself some money. For Buy-It-Now Auctions with the “Best Offer” feature, it’s even easier. Simply submit an offer you’re comfortable with and await the outcome. To some it may seem a little intimidating to negotiate, but trust us, you won’t regret it when you’re able to order that item you want for much cheaper!

4. Get the eBay Mobile App for On-the-Go Bids

The mobile app is great for frequent eBay shoppers. It allows you to track items wherever you are so you won’t miss out on any great deals while you’re away from your computer. The app is free and easy to download, and it’s a great money-saver for those on-the-go bids.

You can also download the free Ebates mobile app, to find eBay coupons and earn Cash Back on all eligible purchases!

5. Look for Spelling Mistakes That Can Save You Money

This is a nifty, money-saving tip! Watch for spelling errors and typos — they can actually save you money! When sellers misspell the products, a lot of people overlook it, thus leading to fewer bids and a lower ending price. Try searching for an item and change around the last two letters or think about other mistakes that people would make if they’re either typing really quickly or trying to spell a complicated word. You just might score a great deal.

6. Shop for Local Items to Save on Shipping

Many people don’t know eBay offers local options. Filter items on eBay that are for sale in your area and available for “local pickup.” You’ll forego the shipping time, and, for larger items, you’ll save on potentially costly shipping fees. Another neat thing about buying locally is you’ll probably save money because you won’t be competing with as many bidders as you usually would (as in, the bidders will be regional as opposed to bidders from all over the world).

7. Set Alerts for eBay Items

Setting up alerts on your computer or phone is a great way to save. Just type in whatever it is you’re looking to buy and you’ll be alerted once something matching your description pops up on eBay. This is a good money-saver because you’ll be hearing about these items immediately and will have a first chance at bidding (or snapping up a killer Buy-It-Now deal).

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