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Exclusions: Cash Back is only available for select departments. Cash Back is not available on the purchase of eBay gift cards.

Special Terms: Cash Back is only paid on legitimate Winning Bid or "Buy It Now" transactions. Cash Back will not be earned on unpaid items with eBay. A maximum of $50 Cash Back may be earned on any single purchase.

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Be sure you understand limitations to Cash Back at eBay:

Cash Back is only paid on legitimate Winning Bid or "Buy It Now" transactions. Cash Back will not be earned on unpaid items with eBay.

A maximum of $50 Cash Back may be earned on any single purchase.

eBay > Guide To Black Friday Shopping At eBay

Guide To Black Friday Shopping At eBay

Black Friday is all about the savings, and shopping online is all about the ease. eBay allows you to sit at home eating turkey leftovers and still enjoy the deals you’d get by camping outside your favorite store. eBay even has specialized deals a brick-and-mortar store wouldn’t offer. Sounds great, right?

But if you don’t know the right way to tackle the price cuts online, you might walk away empty handed — or with less money in your bank account than you ever intended. Want to make the best of Black Friday on eBay? This guide will show you how to be a deal-finding pro.

1. Mix and match your deals.

Savings are great, but double savings are even better. Rather than accepting the savings Black Friday already brings, get clever and keep your bank account balanced by lassoing some coupons into the shopping craze. By comparing multiple deals and matching compatible ones, you’re reaping the rewards that each one individually offers. Savings of $75 can become $100 if you take advantage of the $50 off deal and match it to the 20% coupon from Ebates. Ebates has several Black Friday-themed specials, coupons that give you savings across multiple brands, and even better – Cash Back. So instead of just keeping your bank account at a decent number, you can watch it grow.

2. Shop in a team.

It’s impossible to be everywhere at once, and while you were scouring the electronics department on eBay, that amazing deal in the clothing department passed you by. Even worse, a few seconds’ delay can make your click a millisecond slower than the buyer ahead of you — and now they’re out of stock, leaving you high and dry. Instead of accepting this as the Black Friday risk, make it a fun event with your friends and shop in teams. You can spot that surprise deal on a kitchen appliance while they’re busy elsewhere, and they can return the favor — essentially putting you everywhere at once.

3. Don’t let the fancy tags fool you.

A big shiny tag that reads “50% off” is going to catch your eye and nudge your inner impulse buyer into a rash decision, simply because it looks like it’s a great deal. But deals aren’t always what they seem. Considering the product, that 50% off may not be as valuable as it appears, while a 20% off deal may mean crazy savings. Don’t let the tantalizing tag do the math for you — take the time to consider the product, how much you could find it for elsewhere, how badly you actually need it, and whether or not the math adds up in your favor before you buy it.

4. Get your specs in advance.

Right in the middle of a flash sale is not the time to realize you don’t know how much processing power your desired laptop should have and if the brand you’re buying it from is actually reputable. This applies twofold when you are buying clothing or shoes, because sizing charts vary from eBay seller to seller. The time you take to research those specs is then just time wasted, allowing someone else to get the deal before you.

Make sure to scope out the products you want in advance and decide which options work best for you so you can seek them out immediately when the sale comes up and know you’re getting exactly what you want. In fact, having a shopping list before you log on at all is a surefire way to put that impulse-buy temptation to rest and save yourself from regret.

5. When it comes to gifts, set a price cap.

When it comes to early Christmas shopping, Black Friday is a treasure trove of potential. But that potential can get away from you if you’re not strict about it. Sure, your best friend may love that $200 designer coat, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime deal, but now that you’ve bought that for them, you’re out of money for the rest of your friends and family. To keep from buying everyone else a pair of socks for the holiday, set a firm budget for each person and allow yourself a certain amount of splurging room when you find that killer deal. Paying $20 more than you intended is manageable — $50 to $150 is not. Check for eBay coupons and Cash Back at Ebates so you have more splurging room, turning that high-priced gift into something financially manageable.

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