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About DoubleTree by Hilton Coupons, Deals and Cash Back

Next time you travel, either for work or for play, stay at a DoubleTree by Hilton to get the best in value and luxury. There are more than 500 different DoubleTree locations across the world, so you’ll never have a hard time finding one. They’re perfect for staying solo, with a family and even for booking business meetings and corporate events. With such versatile accommodations in so many different locations, it’s no wonder DoubleTree is a top hotel.

While you’ll get amazing amenities like fitness centers, conference rooms, Wi-Fi, pools and more at DoubleTree hotels, you won’t have to pay through the roof. Rooms are priced with real-life budgets in mind and with the idea that traveling shouldn’t be impossibly expensive. There’s also a special offers tab that has constantly rotating deals on select locations. These are great for the spontaneous traveler who wants to go somewhere new without throwing off a budget, and you never know when you’ll get lucky and find a deal on the exact destination you’re headed to.

Enroll in the rewards program and you’ll be able to earn points during every stay that you can cash in later for discounts on rooms and even free stays. You can even earn Cash Back from Ebates when you stay at DoubleTree hotels. All you have to do to earn a percentage back of every booking cost is to always go to DoubleTree via your Ebates account so you can start an Ebates shopping session. Then, your booking will be tracked, and your Cash Back will be automatically calculated when you pay for your room. With all that extra vacation money you’ll have, maybe you’ll be able to extend your stay by a night or two!

Cash Back Terms

Exclusions: Cash Back is not available on the following DoubleTree by Hilton hotels & resorts: DoubleTree by Hilton Bogota Calle 100 DoubleTree by Hilton Bogota Parque 93 DoubleTree by Hilton El Pardo Lima, Peru DoubleTree by Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe DoubleTree by Hilton Panama City - El Carmen

Cash Back will be added to your Ebates account within 3 months after travel has been completed.

DoubleTree by Hilton Coupons, Promo Codes & Cash Back

  • Sitewide Sale

  • AARP members Up to 5% off.
  • + 2.0% Cash Back Shop Now
  • AAA members Up to 5% off.
  • + 2.0% Cash Back Shop Now
  • Department Sale

  • Save up to 20% with DoubleTree by Hilton, when you plan ahead!
  • + 2.0% Cash Back Shop Now
  • AARP members get up to 5% off at DoubleTree by Hilton!
  • + 2.0% Cash Back Shop Now
  • AAA members get up to 5% off at DoubleTree by Hilton!
  • + 2.0% Cash Back Shop Now
  • Discover DoubleTree's latest offers & promotions of the moment and get the lowest price anywhere & more!
  • + 2.0% Cash Back Shop Now
  • Save Up to 20% When You Plan Ahead.
  • + 2.0% Cash Back Shop Now
  • Free Gifts

  • Get $50 daily credit per night at DoubleTree by Hilton. Use your on-property credit for dining, shopping, relaxing, and more.
  • + 2.0% Cash Back Shop Now
  • Get breakfast & premium Wi-Fi with DoubleTree by Hilton. Book our Family Fun Package!
  • + 2.0% Cash Back Shop Now
  • Get $50 Daily Credit Per Night with Leisure Escape.
  • + 2.0% Cash Back Shop Now
  • Product Deals

  • Get Breakfast and Premium Wi-fi with Family Fun Package.
  • + 2.0% Cash Back Shop Now
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