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Exclusions: Cash Back is not available on First Class airfare tickets, Business Class airfare tickets, taxes, insurance, fees, canceled orders, phone orders, and event tickets.

Special Terms: Cash Back is not available on travel insurance, phone orders, any carrier fees, and orders placed through Priceline's mobile app.

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Ebates Members have been cashing in since 1999. Here's what members have earned so far from Priceline:

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Cash Back will be added to your Ebates account within 3 months after travel has been completed.

Priceline > Cyber Monday Guide to Savings at Priceline

Cyber Monday Guide to Savings at Priceline

This holiday season, give a unique gift when you do your Cyber Monday shopping at Priceline. Think outside of the box and book your special someone a vacation they’ll never forget, or take advantage of these amazing deals to splurge on something for yourself. After a weekend full of continuous eating and family time, let the food settle when you do some easy holiday shopping at Priceline. Splash into savings when you arm yourself with some of the best coupons and deals in the holiday shopping game. Shopping at Priceline through Ebates brings you endless combinations of deals and chances to earn Cash Back. Don’t let the holiday shopping blues get you down! Take control this Cyber Monday when you can navigate through using this guide for shopping at Priceline through Ebates.

1. Benefits of Priceline Rewards Visa

For any weary traveler, the Priceline Rewards Visa is the perfect tool to help you save while booking your next adventure. There’s never been a better time to sign up than before doing your holiday shopping! With no annual fees, you’ll be able to rack up points on all of your orders. Now you can book your trip to visit family over the holidays without worrying about totally emptying your bank account. Signing up for this card will not only help you with Cyber Monday shopping, it will help you in the long run when booking future trips and hotels through Priceline.

2. Do the Math & Keep Your Focus

When you’re browsing through Priceline’s list of destinations, accommodations, and car models, it’s easy to get a bit carried away. With such great deals being flashed in your face, you must stand your ground! Cyber Monday sellers are tapping into your inner impulse buyer, trying to make you believe that you need to get ALL of the deals. This simply isn’t possible and certainly isn’t necessary. Keep your eyes on the prize and focus on what gifts you need to order for your family and friends. Check your base prices and do the math to make sure that you’re really getting the best deal possible. Remember, sometimes a 20% off coupon can mean more than one for 50% off! Fact check all of your orders.

3. Create a Dream Trip

With so many different destinations to choose from, you can put together a vacation package for your parents and be a holiday gift-giving hero. Priceline lets you book vacation packages that give you great prices on hotel rooms, transportation, and more. Use Cyber Monday deals to book an entire package for your family to surprise them when they’re opening gifts. You’ll never forget your kids’ faces when you tell them that you’re going to Disney in the new year. And they’ll never forget that Christmas!

4. Stacking More Than Coupons

We all know that Cyber Monday is all about getting the best possible prices on your holiday shopping. With Ebates, you’ll be able to combine special coupons with those from Priceline to mix and match, allowing you to find the perfect price. Ebates offers a full artillery of coupon codes specific to Priceline, so you are sure to find a trip or hotel to make your Cyber Monday shopping truly worth it. Don’t forget that you’ll be able to earn Ebates Cash Back throughout your whole Cyber Monday experience. You’ll be shaving a few extra dollars off your orders from Priceline while earning a little something back. Go the extra mile and check Ebates frequently before your big shopping spree. This will ensure that you’re getting all of the Cyber Monday specials possible, and when you use your credit card, you’ll find more ways to save. Let Ebates help you take smart shopping to the next level!

5. More Than Gift Giving

Not only will you be able to book a truly unique gift for the most important people in your life, you can also use these Cyber Monday deals for your own benefit. Search through their last-minute deals and other sales to find great prices on hotels, rental cars, and plane tickets. Treat yourself this holiday season when you find amazing deals from Priceline and stack some extra coupons with Ebates. Book a New Year’s Eve trip you’ll always remember when you find specific cities that are greatly marked down. The holidays are all about giving, but who says you can’t treat yourself along the way?

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