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Watch Serious Savings Take Flight Through Orbitz Air

Finding the lowest price on a flight, a hotel, or a rental car is something we all hope for and strive to do. Before I discovered Orbitz, I remember spending hours looking for the cheapest flights, rooms, and rides. I would browse countless different websites, and I never was really certain if I had actually found the best travel deals. After looking at so many, they started to blur together. Not the best way to start a vacation plan, that’s for sure.

Here are some reasons you should skip that stress and go straight to Orbitz for your vacation or business trip planning. They have you covered for travel, and at the best rates. Here’s how.

How to Get Cash Back at Orbitz

To save money while earning money, book at Orbitz through Ebates. When you do this, you’ll get a percentage back of every eligible order you place and a flat dollar amount back on airline tickets you book. This money back is called Cash Back and is a really awesome perk that Ebates provides to savvy online shoppers like us. Just remember to start shopping by either going to the Orbitz page at Ebates and clicking Shop Now, or by downloading the Ebates web browser plug-in. With the plug-in, you’ll never miss out on Cash Back at Ebates.

Find Flights Under $100

Certain flight dates and destinations are almost always available for under $100. Always check to see what random weekend trip you can take for as much money as you would have spent on entertainment in town. I love taking random “air trips,” as I call them.

Best Price Guaranteed

Now that I have discovered Orbitz and learned about their best price guarantee, I only have to go to one place to get my ticket, and I have the security that Orbitz is truly getting me the best deal. They stand behind that claim with their best-price guarantee, so how can I not be confident?

The guarantee works like this: After you book your flight through Orbitz, if you somehow end up finding that flight at a lower price somewhere else, all you have to do is send them the information about the cheaper flight and you’ll not only get the price difference refunded to you, but you’ll also get an additional $50 in Orbucks that you can use toward your vacation! Amazing, right?

Save on Package Deals

You’ll always save more when you book everything together, like your flight, hotel, and even your rental car. It’s also so much more convenient to do all of your booking together in one spot and in one fell swoop. No more bouncing from site to site trying to get the best deal on all of your travel components. Just go through Orbitz, save money on the package deal, and know you have that price guarantee I mentioned earlier. All that’s left is to start getting excited for your vacation!

Stay Longer and Save More

Orbitz periodically offers special promo codes where you can get 15% off your hotel cost when you book two or more nights at certain hotels or resorts. If you’re going on more than a quick one-night business trip, these deals can really help offset your travel costs. Check for them often because they happen periodically and you never know when you’ll find one.

Orbitz Rewards Cash Back

Orbitz offers a free-to-join rewards program called Orbitz Rewards. When you join this program, you’ll start getting 2% back of the cost of every flight you book through Orbitz. You’ll also get 5% back on all of your hotel bookings. If you travel a lot for business, or are lucky enough to travel often for pleasure, these rewards can add up so quickly. Even if you only travel once a year or so, it’s still worth taking the time to join this program to help offset your travel costs each time.

Promo and Coupon Codes

Before you book your travels, head on over to the Orbitz page at Ebates to see what all the current promo and coupon codes are. Just enter one of these codes at the checkout page and you’ll be able to take advantage of so many extra savings and discounts. You can also get cool perks like special offers for senior citizens, extra discounts of $10 to $50, and bonus rewards added to your Orbitz Rewards account.

Start earning while you're saving on all of your travel needs by taking advantage of Ebates Cash Back and coupon codes with Orbitz Air!

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