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Exclusions: Cash Back is only available for select departments. Cash Back is not available on the purchase of eBay gift cards.

Special Terms: Cash Back is only paid on legitimate Winning Bid or "Buy It Now" transactions. Cash Back will not be earned on unpaid items with eBay. A maximum of $50 Cash Back may be earned on any single purchase.

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Cash Back is only paid on legitimate Winning Bid or "Buy It Now" transactions. Cash Back will not be earned on unpaid items with eBay.

A maximum of $50 Cash Back may be earned on any single purchase.

eBay > Cyber Monday Guide to Saving at eBay

Cyber Monday Guide to Saving at eBay

Spend more time with your family this Thanksgiving weekend when you skip the Black Friday lines and rely on Cyber Monday for your holiday shopping. Since its inception, sales on Cyber Monday have rivaled or even topped those on Black Friday, and you don’t even have to leave the house. Stay in your pajamas and do all of your holiday shopping while curled up by the fire. Stores like eBay have come up with some amazing deals and ways to keep you out of those long lines. Find everything you need for friends and family from one place with everything from clothes to electronics to antiques. Mix eBay’s amazing deals with additional promo codes and Cash Back at Ebates to keep your family and your wallet happy. Be an educated Cyber Monday shopper when you arm yourself with these pro tips and tricks to make the most of your holiday gift giving.

1. Recruit a Heavily Prepped Team

It’s impossible to bid on every item you want at once. On Cyber Monday, everyone is at each other’s throat trying to get the same amazing gifts for the holidays. Those extra few seconds may cost you that doll house your daughter’s been begging you for. Instead, divide and conquer. Make it into a fun game for all the family members that stuck around after Thanksgiving. Work together so everyone wins and gets the most sought after gifts this holiday season. Stay informed and devise your plan of attack as the flood-gates open this Cyber Monday. Working in a pack may even give you a sneak peak into some of the goodies you’ll be getting this holiday season!

2. Stay on Your Game

Sign up for email deal alerts from eBay to be a front-runner for Cyber Monday deals. If you don’t know about flash sales and special promotions, there’s no way you’ll have a successful day of shopping. Joining eBay’s email list will arm you with what you need to prepare you and your team for the perfect day of Cyber Monday shopping. Do your research to make sure you’re getting the most out of your bidding wars and know when not to bid at all. Not every item on eBay is alike. Remember to go with a well thought out strategy to get the best prices possible. That means making sure your shopping team is up to speed too!

3. Do the Math

Although Cyber Monday is all about savings and deals, stores are still trying to make money after all. Don’t let 50% off price tags fool you. If you’re not looking at the base price, you still could be missing out on the deal. Make sure you do the math to ensure that you really are getting the lowest possible prices on your Cyber Monday orders. That means doing your research and not getting swept away by your inner impulse buyer. Take the time to consider the product, how much you would actually be saving, and how badly you need this gift.

4. Load up on Savings with Cash Back

When you shop eBay through Ebates, you’ll not only get amazing deals, but you’ll also snag extra savings with additional coupons. Mix and match to help you find a price you can actually afford. Make sure to keep Ebates open in a second tab or use the app to compare and combine coupons for the best Cyber Monday experience. Check back before the shopping madness begins and use your credit card to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck this holiday season. On top of these unbeatable prices with stacked coupons and deals, you’ll also have the ability to earn Cash Back at Ebates. Not only will you be saving, you’ll be earning some extra cash at the same time!

5. Set a Price Cap on Gifts

Make sure to set a price cap when gift shopping to ensure that you don’t overspend. When you love your friends, family, and the holiday season, it’s easy to go overboard when bombarded with savings. Be sure to budget for each person to make sure you can afford all the gifts you need to get. Using Ebates promo codes will make this extremely easy! If you use these deals right, you’ll end up with a little extra wiggle room to splurge on your significant other, your kids, or yourself! Let Ebates and eBay help you find the perfect gifts at the lowest prices online when you get the team together for some Cyber Monday deals.

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