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Break New Savings Records With Our Guide to Video Game Deals

Video games are one of those things that serious gamers just can’t ever get enough of. Sure, you have your favorite game that you play for more hours than you feel comfortable admitting, but at times, you just want something different. Some games get old fast, and others just don’t take long to beat.

Gamers of all ages know how great it is to have a variety of games on hand to play. Budgeters everywhere realize that this can be a huge financial drain. Keep reading to learn a few simple tricks for how to score big on building up a big selection of video games without giving your bank account a game over.

How to Get Cash Back on Video Games

When you shop through Ebates, you’ll earn Cash Back on every single eligible order you place. All you have to do to earn this Cash Back is shop through Ebates. It’s so easy! Just shop as you normally would at your chosen store through Ebates. After you have found the video games you want at your store of choice, check out as usual, and don’t forget to enter any coupon codes you may have claimed. That’s all you have to do to get your Cash Back from Ebates!

Between shopping for used games, checking out the sales and clearance sections, and earning your Ebates Cash Back, you’ll always feel like a winner, at least when it comes to the smart shopper game.

Use Coupon and Promo Codes

Coupon and promo codes are such an easy way to save extra money when shopping online for video games. Find codes for game stores that will give you extra discounts like free shipping and extra percentages off.

Find these codes on individual store pages on Ebates. Current sales and promotions going on at that store are also listed on the page for convenient and quick access all in one streamlined place.

Shop for Used Video Games

A lot of people get rid of their video games after they’ve played them for a while and are ready for something new. Some stores also accept used games as part of a trade, or they’ll buy them back for cash. These used games can be ordered at greatly discounted prices. Check out eBay, Amazon, and other used video game stores to see if the game you want is available used at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a brand new one. Chances are, it will be.

Shop Sales and Discount Sections

If you’re looking for a new game but don’t have anything particular in mind, head on over to the sales or clearance sections of a video game store and see what catches your eye. There’s always something on sale, and it may be something you’ll end up loving. When my son is getting antsy for a new game, I’ll open up the sales tab on one of these stores’ websites and let him pick out a game that he thinks seems fun. It makes him happy to get a new game, and I’m thrilled that I get it for a price that doesn’t throw off my budget.

Shop Big Sales Events

Watch and wait for big sales events like semi-annual sales, annual sales, and holiday events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. There are also a lot of big events held periodically at stores like Best Buy and GameStop, so make sure you check in often to see what’s going on.

Sign up for Email Alerts

Signing up for store emails usually gives you special perks, like special offers and periodic discount codes sent right to your email. Sign up and you could receive a discount code that you can apply to a video game. You’ll also be notified when big sales are going on or new merchandise gets released. It’s always free to sign up, and you have only knowledge and savings to gain.
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