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Study up on How to Spend Less for Your Textbooks

Textbooks are a notoriously expensive aspect of attending college. They can cost hundreds of dollars each, and you have to buy new ones every single semester! But before you panic, remember that there are so many smart ways to shop for textbooks at discount prices. Keep reading for some Textbook Savings 101 lessons that you can use to save money, whether you’re enrolled in college or just looking to learn about a new subject on your own.

How to Get Cash Back on Textbooks

All you have to do to earn this Cash Back is shop through Ebates. When you shop for textbooks through Ebates you’ll earn Cash Back on every single eligible order you place. It’s so easy! Just shop as you normally would at your chosen store through Ebates. After you have found the textbooks you want or need, check out as usual and you’ll get a percentage of the cost back in the form of Cash Back from Ebates.

Use Coupon and Promo Codes

Coupon and promo codes are such an easy way to save extra money when shopping online for anything — even textbooks. Find codes for textbook stores that will give you extra discounts like free shipping and extra percentages off orders.

Find these codes on individual store pages on Ebates. Current sales and promotions are also listed here for convenient and quick access to all the best ways to save. The codes are always changing, so check back often and regularly to see what incredible deals you can snag.

Shop for Used Textbooks

As long as the edition hasn’t changed, you can usually find the textbook you need on a resale website. Buying used editions of books can make a world of difference when it comes to cost, and in most cases, these books will look almost brand new. Sometimes you can save even more if you choose to order books that have been highlighted frequently and appear less new than others. Check out stores like eBay, Amazon, and eCampus to find a huge selection of used books.

When you shop for used books, you can either buy directly from students who are selling them or from bookstores that buy these used books back and resell them. Either way, you’re sure to save so much money when you opt to buy textbooks that are already used.

If the edition doesn’t change at the end of the semester, you can even sell your book back to a bookstore or to another student to get back some of the money you spent, which means even more savings.

Shop Back-to-School Sales

Lots of bookstores offer back-to-school sales because they know that’s the time they’ll pull in the most business and attract the most shoppers. Watch for these sales to score extra discounts, free shipping, and marked down prices on all different types of textbooks.

Sign up for Email Newsletters and Save

When you sign up to receive email newsletters from online stores that deal with textbooks, you’ll always be in the know about the latest sales and promotions. It’s always free to sign up, so you have nothing to lose.

Shop Sales and Discount Sections

This tip is great for when you don’t necessarily need a specific book but are just looking to increase your knowledge base and read about different topics. Check out the sales and discount sections of stores that sell textbooks to see if anything catches your eye and won’t break your budget.

Rent Books Instead of Buying Them

If you need a book that you don’t plan on keeping after you finish a particular course, consider renting from places like Chegg. For a very low price, you’ll get the book you need for only the time that you need it, then you can just send it right back. You won’t have to worry about trying to resell it or losing your money if the edition changes that year. You can also rent digital copies, which means that you’ll save on space as well as cash.
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