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Experience Big Savings When You Rent Rather Than Buy

If you live in a house or apartment with limited space, or just like to keep your living area tidy and clutter-free, you’ll love taking advantage of rental memberships to get your fix of movies and music albums. Instead of having stacks of CDs and DVDs lining your walls, you can just rent a movie digitally, watch it as often as you want during the rental period, and then be done with it. There’s no need to make extra room on your shelves for every movie you want to watch or every album you want to listen to. You can rent music albums and then, if you like them, order a digital download. You can see every movie in the world without taking up an inch of space when you’re a part of a rental membership program.

Rental memberships are especially good for college kids who want to watch all the latest movies and hear the hottest new music, but who may not have much space and will probably be moving in the near future. No one wants to lug boxes of DVDs around every time they move!

Here are ways that you can save when joining a rental membership program.

How to Get Cash Back on Rental Memberships

Shopping through Ebates means that you’ll earn Cash Back on every single eligible order you place, from your initial membership to your following rentals. All you have to do to earn this Cash Back is shop through Ebates. It’s so easy! Simply sign up for a new rental membership or shop for rental movies and music through your existing membership at your store of choice through Ebates. After you have chosen the albums or movies you want, rent them as usual from the store. You’ll then get a percentage of the rental price back in the form of Cash Back from Ebates. This Cash Back will be automatically deposited into your Ebates account soon afterward.

Look for Special Promotions

Lots of rental membership companies offer perks to first-time customers. You can find discount membership deals, free rentals upon joining, and perks for inviting friends who may also join. When considering joining a rental membership program, shop around first to see where you can find the best new member incentives for joining.

Rent in Bulk and Save

Some places offer discounts for renting more than just one movie or album. These discounts could be rent four, get one free, or a 20% discount with a three-movie rental. If you find a deal like this, get a list together of everything you and your family members have been wanting to watch and rent them all at once to take advantage of the bulk discount rate. I like to keep a running list going of movies and music I want to see and hear so that when these promotions roll around, I’m ready and can check off items on my list while saving money.

Use Coupon and Promo Codes

Places like Amazon, Vimeo, and the iTunes store offer periodic coupon and promo codes for their rental memberships and for rentals after you start your membership. You can find codes that are good for a discount on joining or for discounted rentals through an existing membership.

Find these codes on individual store pages on Ebates. News about current sales and promotions are also listed here for convenient and quick access to all the best ways to save. The codes are always changing, so check back often and regularly to see what incredible deals you can snag.

Don’t overlook the importance and convenience of rental memberships if you live in a small space, like a studio apartment, or just don’t want to worry about having boxes of movies to lug around if you move to a new apartment or home. Now you can save money and even earn money while broadening your musical tastes, watching new and classic movies, and keeping your home tidy and roomy.
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