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Download the Best Deals on Music at Ebates

We live in a digital world, and digital music downloads create the soundtrack to this world. From smartphones and tablets full of digital music to bluetooth car stereos that play this music wherever we go, digital downloads of our favorite artists and songs are the number one way to listen to music. I can’t remember the last time I went for a run without my headphones in, and I love to listen to soft instrumental music while I read. There’s a genre for everything, and I’m always playing music throughout my day.

To keep up with new releases from old favorites and all the new and obscure bands that the most trendy of us hear about first can get expensive, especially when you really want to grow your digital music library into something serious. Here are a few ways to save on all of your music downloads so that you never have to miss a note or skip a beat and can save money at the same time.

How to Get Cash Back on Music Downloads

Shopping through Ebates means that you’ll earn Cash Back on every single eligible order you place for music downloads. All you have to do to earn this Cash Back is shop through Ebates. Just shop for music downloads as you normally would at your chosen store through Ebates. After you have chosen the songs or albums you want, order them and download them as usual from the website. You’ll then get a percentage of the cost back in the form of Cash Back from Ebates. This Cash Back will be automatically deposited into your Ebates account soon afterward.

Use Coupon and Promo Codes

Music download stores regularly offer coupon and promo codes for deals like discounted music, free downloads, and other awesome perks. Sign up for email newsletters from places like Amazon and iTunes to stay in the loop about music promo codes and coupons that can get you free or discounted music regularly.

You can also find coupon and promo codes on individual store pages on Ebates. News about current sales and promotions are listed as well for convenient and quick access. Check here often to see what the current deals are at top music download stores featured on Ebates.

Buy Entire Albums to Save

Songs are usually priced so that you can either buy them individually or order an entire album. If you plan to download more than half of the album, you can usually save money by going ahead and ordering the entire album. For example, say songs are $2 each to download, and a 12-song album is $8 to download in full. Unless you really just want one song from the album, you might as well go for the full download. You may end up loving the album beyond the one or two hit songs you were originally going to buy, so it could be a great order.

Look for Special Promotions

Some music download services will offer special promotions periodically throughout the year, or they’ll offer deals to first-time customers. Sometimes you’ll get to select a free album to download, or receive a free song of the week. These free downloads are an excellent way to add variety to your music collection and experience new bands and musicians without having to pay. You never know when you’ll discover your new favorite band or one that’s noteworthy to add to your collection.

Check to see what specials iTunes, Amazon, and other music download stores are offering, and take advantage of promotions whenever you can to build up your library on a budget. Check back often, especially if you find a place that offers weekly deals or specials.

With these promotions on top of coupons and Cash Back, you can save money and even earn money while broadening your musical tastes, adding all the classics to your collection, and keeping up with new releases from all of your favorite artists.
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