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Rack Up Great Discounts on Magazines With This Handy Guide

Magazines are so popular these days, and you can find one that covers basically any subject you’d ever want to read about, from fashion to fishing, motorcycling to crafts, children’s magazines, hunting, and fine arts. My favorite thing about magazine subscriptions is the fact that every month, I can look forward to receiving a new issue with all new and interesting articles about topics I care about or am interested in learning. A magazine is the perfect thing to read when you have a little bit of down time or just want to curl up on the couch with something that doesn’t require the commitment of a book.

I love my magazines, and if you do too, you’ll want to read these tips on how to save money expanding your subscriptions.

How to Get Cash Back on Magazines

When you shop through Ebates, you’ll earn Cash Back on every single eligible order you place. It’s so easy! Just shop as you normally would at your store of choice through Ebates. After you find the magazine subscription you want, subscribe and check out as usual on the website and you’ll get a percentage of your order back in the form of Cash Back from Ebates. This Cash Back will be automatically deposited into your Ebates account soon afterward.

Now you can save money and even earn money while filling your life with exciting topics. Learn about new subjects, explore the world one page at a time, and stay in touch with world issues, health, science, and the arts.

Use Coupon and Promo Codes

Online magazine stores tend to offer a number of different coupon and promo codes that you can use to get extra savings on your subscriptions. Check out store pages at Ebates to quickly and conveniently see all of the available coupon and promo codes in one streamlined spot. Best Deal Magazines and are good options. You can find codes for extra percentages off a specific subscription or genre of magazine, along with other codes that will save you money.

Look for Special Promotions

A lot of magazine companies or subscription services will offer perks and deals to attract new customers, like free issues with subscriptions or discounted first-year subscriptions. Shop around to find stores that offer these special rates and rewards.

You can also find deals on subscriptions like free tote bags or a percentage off a renewal. There’s almost always some sort of promotion going on for different magazines, so always check sites like Magazine Line or ValueMags to see if your favorite magazine is running a promotion or if something that’s on sale would be a welcomed new addition to your mailbox and magazine rack.

Buy Longer Subscriptions to Save

Sometimes you’ll get a discount if you opt for a two- or three-year subscription instead of a six-month or one-year subscription. This discount can often be pretty significant, such as 30% off the overall price. If you’re subscribing to a magazine you know you’ll be wanting for years — maybe one you have already subscribed to for years — go with a longer subscription if it will save you some money.

Check to see if there’s a refund policy for unreceived issues if you’re considering a longer subscription for a magazine you’ve never received before. That way you can save money up front with the longer subscription but still have the flexibility to back out and get a refund if you end up not liking the new magazine.

Wait for Big Sales Events at Magazine Stores

Watch for events like semi-annual or annual sales, holiday sales, and other big sales events where you can find even bigger savings on magazine subscriptions. Back-to-school sales are a popular time for magazine subscriptions to be placed on sale. Right before the holidays is another common sale time because people love giving subscriptions as gifts. Each month it’s just like getting another gift!

Sign up for store email newsletters when available and you’ll always be kept in the loop about big sales events before they start so you can plan your subscriptions and look into magazines that get marked down to see if you want to subscribe.
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