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Tips for Spinning Dollar Signs off Your Favorite CDs

CDs aren’t quite a thing of the past just yet, and if you want or need them for a home stereo system you’re holding onto, a car stereo system that you just don’t feel like replacing, or just for nostalgic or collection purposes, there are a lot of ways that you can find super cheap CDs online and save money getting them. While you may not see CDs in people’s homes anymore, they’re definitely widely available for sale online at a number of different stores. Here are some ways to bring these discs into your life on a budget that would’ve been impressive even in the ‘90s.

How to Get Cash Back on CDs

Cash Back at Ebates actually lets you earn money while you buy your CDs online at one of the featured stores. Whenever you shop online for CDs, make sure do so through Ebates. When you shop through Ebates, you’ll start earning Cash Back automatically as you buy your CDs. You’ll get a percentage of your eligible orders earned back in the form of Cash Back, every single day.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes All the Time

Finding promo and coupon codes for any of the stores featured on Ebates, including ones that sell CDs, is almost too easy. All you have to do is go to the store page on Ebates, like the Targetor Walmart page, and you’ll be able to find all the current promo codes and sales going on there. These codes can be for things like dollars off your entire order, percentage-off discounts on bulk CD orders, and access to special music sale events.

Shop Second-Hand Sites for Used CDs

A lot of people have switched from CDs to MP3 technology and other more modern methods of listening to their favorite tunes. This is great news for the CD collectors out there. Shop for used CDs at places like eBay and Amazon to get amazing deals on the music you love. You can find Buy It Now CDs for ultra-low prices or bid on ones that might be more pertinent to collectors. Just make sure you don’t buy scratched or broken CDs from these second-hand resources.

Shop Sales and Clearance Sections

Stores that still carry CDs will most likely have a ton of them on sale or clearance. Shop these sections to see what titles you can add to your collection on the cheap. You’ll be able to get brand new, unopened CDs at prices that compete with the second-hand used CD prices. Don’t forget that electronics stores usually carry some music and movies, and may carry CDs as well. Check to see if you can find good deals at some of these big stores and electronics stores that offer music sections.

Sign up for Store Rewards Cards and Programs

Rewards cards and rewards programs are some of my favorite ways to save money, earn rewards, and get the most for every dollar I spend at all of my favorite stores. If you’re buying CDs, check to see if there’s a special rewards program that you can join. It’s usually quick, easy, and free, and you’ll get to enjoy bonus perks every time you shop.

Watch for Special Sales Events

Looking for big sales events is always smart. Wait for semi-annual sales, holiday sales, and end or beginning of season sales to really find the hottest deals on the music you want. Special sales events at stores like Best Buy tend to have the highest markdown amounts and draw a lot of attention, so if you see a CD you want at the right price during one of these sales, don’t wait to buy it because you may just miss out.

Shop Around

If one CD store is sold out of a rare or old CD you want, check at another store. Check back often because people are always finding and selling older CDs and you never know what will roll onto eBay or Amazon tomorrow.
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