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Your Guide to Getting All Entertainment Tickets on Sale

Entertainment tickets can get rather pricey but are so worth it when you see the concert of your dreams or attend a really fantastic play. While most ticket prices are set, there are a few ways you can shop for entertainment tickets and save money at the same time. Use these tips to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to a fun night out on the town or getting to see your favorite band live on stage.

How to Get Cash Back on Entertainment Tickets

Cash Back at Ebates actually lets you earn money while you buy your tickets, so whenever you shop online for entertainment tickets, make sure you shop through Ebates. When you shop through Ebates, you’ll start earning Cash Back automatically as you buy your tickets. You’ll get a percentage of your eligible order earned back in the form of Cash Back, every single time.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes All the Time

It’s so easy to find promo and coupon codes for any of the stores featured on Ebates, including ones that sell entertainment tickets. All you have to do is go to the store page on Ebates and you’ll be able to find all the current promo codes. They can be for things like dollars off your entire order, percentage-off discounts on bulk ticket orders, and access to special events.

Shop Early

When a popular event starts selling tickets, the most affordable general admission seats are always the first seats to sell out. When you know an event you really want to see will be happening in your area, mark your calendar and be ready as soon as tickets go on sale so you can make sure to get one of the cheap seats. The bigger the event, the faster they’ll sell out, and soon, only a few very expensive seats will be left. Bookmark Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, and other popular ticket stores for quick and easy access.

Here’s a tip: for concerts without assigned seating, you can always buy the cheaper tickets and work your way to the front.

Look for Discount Ticket Stores

A lot of ticket resellers offer special discounts and perks to get you to buy your ticket through them. Sometimes you can get a discount for buying more than two tickets or for buying your ticket early but picking it up the day of the show. Other stores offer promotions for first-time customers. Check to see what deals you can find at discount ticket stores who may be promoting the event you want to attend and selling the entertainment tickets you’re seeking.

Sign up for Email Newsletters From Ticket Stores and Entertainment Venues

To make sure you always get the best prices on tickets and the best selection of available entertainment tickets, sign up for emails from both ticket merchants and entertainment venues. You’ll get regular newsletters with a list of all upcoming events and details about when tickets will go on sale, all in one convenient spot, so you won’t have to spend hours on end searching for events you might want to see.

Look for Stores Without Fees

Some online entertainment ticket stores charge fees for using their service. Processing fees, transaction fees, and booking fees are all very common. Look for stores that don’t charge any extra fees or that charge minimal fees to save the most on your entertainment ticket booking.

Be aware that some stores don’t reveal these fees until right before you check out, so make sure to read customer reviews about booking websites to find the ones that don’t try to hide their fees.

Shop Around

If one ticket store is sold out of the seats for the event you want, check at another. Check often, because people sometimes hold tickets just to have them, then let the reservation expire, and the tickets get sent back into the main pool. This is how I’ve snagged tickets for so many events that sold out fast. I waited until tickets started coming back into the pool for people like me to get my hands on.
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