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Close your eyes and try to remember that era in your life when your everyday soundtrack was nothing but boy bands and everything you owned was covered in neon rainbows and cute baby animals. That was the time when Lisa Frank ruled the world of pre-teen girls and she’s making a major comeback. With a new line of Lisa Frank clothes at RageOn and even a few exclusive items at major department stores, we’re getting some serious nostalgia and we think this calls for a celebration. Why not throw yourself the dream party you never had at 13 with some rainbow eats and Lisa Frank party favors and decor that give you Cash Back at Ebates? Can’t think of a single reason? We didn’t think you could.

Fantasy Food

Tie Dye Smores

via Studio DIY

Homemade rainbow marshmallows and white chocolate make for some seriously psychedelic smores your guest will think are almost too pretty to eat.

Rainbow Bagels

via MomDot

Who says colorful food can’t be savory? These fresh-baked rainbow bagels may look like confection perfection but they’re just the carby goodness you know and love.

Tie Dye Cheesecake

via Sprinkles for Breakfast

Pastel and perfectly sweet, this cheesecake and its sprinkled crust will make your dessert table totally dreamy.

Rainbow Pizza

via Gimme Some Oven

Cut some of the sugar with a healthy yet delectable dish like this rainbow veggie pizza.

Rainbow Smoothies

via The First Year

Top it all off with hearty rainbow smoothies so your guests won’t feel like they spent the entire bash canceling out gym day.

Dazzling Decor


Lisa Frank party decorations

Lisa Frank Party Hats 8 Pack, $3.99 (Birthday in a Box) | Lisa Frank Banner, $2 (Walmart)

Party hats and banners aren’t just for birthday bashes. Spare no cheesy detail when throwing a “just for LOLs” gathering.

Fun Favors

Lisa Frank coloring and activity books

Bulk Lisa Frank Coloring and Activity Books Pack of 24, $34.55 (Sears)

Whether this is an adults-only or kid-friendly party, Lisa Frank coloring books will be a total hit.

Unicorn crayons

Unicorn Crayons, $5 (Etsy)

But we have to say that these unicorn crayons will be the show-stopper.

One Magical Outfit

Adult's Rainbow Grass Hula Skirt

Adult Rainbow Grass Hula Skirt, $4.48 (Oriental Trading)

Now that your house is doused with ALL the colors, you wearing everyday clothes just won’t do. We’re not saying you can’t spend the day in your leggings (with the generous waist to accommodate all those rainbow noms you are about to dig into). Just zazz it up a bit with a rainbow grass skirt…

Long rainbow mermaid wig

Rainbow Wig, $32 (Etsy)

…a dreamy mermaid wig you can totally reuse for Halloween (it’s right around the corner!)…

Lisa Frank Juniors' Patch Graphic Denim Vest

Lisa Frank Juniors’ Patch Denim Vest, $49 (Macy’s)

…and OMG A LISA FRANK DENIM VEST. It may be from the juniors’ department but that can be our little secret.

Ready to throw yourself a rainbow rager? Let us know what your dream Lisa Frank party would look like in the comments below!


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