We were so excited to see we were featured on WMUR 9 yesterday morning. Their readers sure have earned a lot of Cash Back. How much have you earned?


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  1. Brenda Richard says:

    I’ve been a member of E Bates a few years, and I never shop without checking what E Bates is offering. I’m disabled so I shop on line all the time, and even if the store of my choice is offering 2% it adds up! The offering for flowers now is 12% cash in some stores I’ve looked at. At the end of the pay time my check has been $30.00, or maybe $6.00, but it adds up and you do nothing E Bates takes care of it all! I post on Face Book, Twitter, all sites I’m a member of, but truthfully I can’t reach people to sign up! It’s free, safe, and you get a free gift card what is wrong with people, maybe this video posted from New Hampshire will help people know what there missing! Hey at least I’m getting paid to shop so I’m happy. I love E Bates!

  2. Nicole Loukonen says:

    I’ve been using Ebates.com for about 3yrs now an I love using it to shop especially through out the holidays when you double your spending . I think everyone should try it out I love how they pay you for just to shop they have most of the stores you shop at or in. So far I’ve made close to $30.00 since I’ve been with them. I love Ebates

  3. Thanks for all you do. I really like the great deals you have on your Web site.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Abbalene Schrell says:

    Hey I just found Ebates and I think it is really awesome that you can shop and get paid for it I would love to learn how to blog so I can tell everyone about this wonderful opportunity. I don’t know why anyone would not want to join. I am new but already love Ebates.

  5. I’ve recently joined ebates. I also have recently been shopping on line. So this has been great so far. I noticed my first check has been mailed out to me for a little over $20.00. My next one will be even larger. Not bad for sitting at home to shop! I keep telling people about my experience with ebates. So far I’ve gotten two people to sign up. The stores I like are at ebates, very few are not. Love it so far. Sure beats the heck out of sending in rebates by mail! I save on stamps, time, checking to see which ones haven’t sent me my check yet and so on. Ebates keeps track for me!

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