Ultimate Back to School Shopping Guide

Shopping cart filled with back to school supplies.

Back-to-school season is in full swing, and places everywhere are offering flashy deals and the promise of savings on everything your children need to start their classes. But which retailer is the best, and where can you save the most money?

Here is the ultimate back to school shopping guide so you can get the most for your child while spending the least.

1. Target

Target is the place to go for high-quality school clothing that will survive the rough sports and activities of the school year, along with durable notebooks featuring a range of designs for only 50 cents. Not to mention their specialized deals for the back-to-school season. Even you, the parent, can take advantage of the savings while the kids are away at school, with Cash Back deals on beauty, bed, and bath products. This means the entire household can benefit from the coupons used at Target, not just the kids. If you don’t live near a Target, or if you want to save on time, you can visit their website and do all your shopping online.

2. Walmart

Walmart is known for having everything, and this makes it an excellent choice for ensuring your kids are both decked to the nines at a reasonable price and fully equipped with all the essentials for the classroom. What makes Walmart one of the best choices is their price-matching policy, meaning if your kid falls in love with a superhero notebook that’s looking a little too pricey for you, all it takes is a quick Google search to find out which stores sell it for a lesser price. Simply show the sale to the cashier and get the same low price without making the drive.

School supplies for back to schoolThe savings become even more substantial with Ebates’ Walmart coupons, giving you rollbacks and even Cash Back on your purchases. Match this with the marked-down prices they offer in July for that school-supply rush, and you have the chance to make money while you’re spending it.

3. Office Depot

When it comes to all the really important essentials, Office Depot has you covered with deals that encompass more than just backpacks or crayons – you can receive huge savings on essentials such as printers and tablets so your kids have all the technology they need, in addition to the classic supplies. Because Office Depot lacks school clothes, matching this option with others such as Target and Walmart will ensure that you receive the best deals across the board.

4. Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree is perfect for keeping a tight budget because everything in the store is a dollar or less. With summer coming close to its end, they’re marking down their prices even more on the necessary school supplies. In addition to notebooks, pens, pencils, hand sanitizer, and backpacks, you can pick up all the craft supplies for your kids’ creative activities, and even specialized charms and gems to brighten up their style.

5. Staples

In the modern age, school supplies mean more than just pens and paper. If your teen needs a laptop for their more advanced classes or essay writing, you can redeem an Ebates coupon giving you significant savings and Cash Back on select laptops, keeping your kid up with the times without breaking the bank. Additionally, for the more traditional needs, Staples is still an excellent choice, with price cuts on all your items if you also buy a backpack.

Young child working on laptop

7. eBay

eBay may not be the first retailer that comes to mind when you think of school supplies, but when it comes to buying in bulk, this online seller is hard-pressed for competition. With only a few minutes of your time at home, you can purchase packages of 100 or more assorted items, such as crayons, notecards, pens, pencils, and rulers. This option is a little less customized, with less freedom to choose the designs or colors of the notecards and pens, but the prices and the site’s reliability make it a top choice. To make it even better, shipping the supplies to your door saves both time and gas money.



Finding all the necessities and fashionable frivolities your kid needs to stay focused and feel confident can often be the bane of a family on a budget, but by taking advantage of Cash Back and price-cutting deals offered by Ebates and featured retailers, back-to-school shopping can be cheap, painless, and fast.


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