As the temperature rises and the sun shines down on us with more regularity, the Summer is the perfect time to change up the beauty routine. It’s the time to trade out that burgundy lipstick for brighter pops of color like coral and turquoise. While we love the idea of a fun Summer glow, the team here was a bit at a loss as how we could best achieve that beautiful glow. We decided to scour the internet and pick the five best Summer Glow Tutorials. As you may know, Youtube is chock full of great beauty tutorial vlogs.

Our team of makeup novices banded together and picked the TOP FIVE Summer beauty tutorials. Here are the five winners:

5. Beth Mota (MacBarbie07) blew our minds with an Under $20 Summer Beauty makeup challenge. She uses budget friendly products and shows her fans how to create a great, subtle Summer look

4. Elle Fowler brings a great bright lip tutorial that keeps the Summer heat in mind. She shows you how to match a luminous glow AND bright lip that really embraces all things Summer. Her channel is chock full of great makeup tutorials.

3. Allison, blogger @amarixe, has a great selection of makeup tutorials. Her production value is tops and her looks are super simple to replicate. She offers great day to day tips (brows are the frames of the face, so don’t overlook them) throughout her tutorials. This peachy, beachy look is simple lovely.

2. This pink and gold look by Alli, blogger at Makeup by Alli, is the epitome of pretty. She really nails the glowy, summer look that so many try (and fail) to achieve. The pink and gold mimic a lovely dusk evening.

1. British makeup artist Tanya Burr‘s makeup tutorials are charming and absolutely amazing. She finds inspiration in a variety of places. This simple Summer look only uses a handful of products. Burr achieves that perfect glow with such ease.

These are the best Summer Makeup Tutorials from 2013. What do you think? Which is your favorite?

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  1. i liked yanya’s. it was the most natural look with only a few products, yet the payoff was great! the others were very good as well and all have something neat. just depends what look you are going for.

  2. Jennifer Boyer says:

    I like Allison’s Fresh Summer Makeup Tutorial the best.

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