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We all know how difficult long trips can be, from overseas flights to cross-state road trips. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look as fresh as a daisy the minute you arrive at your destination! All you need are the right packing tips. Check out this simple travel checklist of fashion and beauty must-haves that will keep you looking radiant on the run. All of these items will fit in your purse or carry-on, and you can earn Cash Back at Ebates when you buy them. Don’t forget to browse The Smart Shopper for even more travel tips and ways to travel on a budget.

  1. Extra hair ties. Just bring a whole pack. These little guys are easy to lose, and you never know when you might need an emergency bun.
  2. Face wipes. These are especially great for overnight flights when you don’t want to sleep in your makeup.
  3. Hand cream. Airplane cabins get incredibly dry, but you can stay moisturized with a travel-size cream.Colorescience Sunforgettable Medium Matte SPF 30 Brush
  4. Foldable flats. These are the ultimate carry-on checklist item. Get on the plane in your heels, but lounge in these stylish flats that won’t take up excess space.
  5. Pointed cotton swabs. Eyeliner runs. Keep your MOTD in line with a mini pack of these babies.
  6. Mini hair brush. Need we say more?
  7. Mini lint roller. Don’t let airplane seats or the backseat of a minivan leave a mark.Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
  8. Non-aerosol dry shampoo. Aerosol cans may leak on airplanes, so opt for a non-aerosol version of the jet-setter’s solution for clean-looking hair.
  9. Face primer. When it’s morning and you’re still en route, a little face primer is all you need for a rested glow.
  10. Lip tint. Don’t mess with lipstick in bumpy situations.Colorescience Sunforgettable Medium Matte SPF 30 Brush
  11. Brush-on sunblock. No more messy application — just land and dust this lightweight powder onto your face for instant SPF protection.
  12. Earplugs. The first step toward looking your best is getting the best sleep possible.
  13. Sleep mask. See No. 12.Patagonia Women's 3/4-Sleeved Seabrook Dress
  14. Bonus item: wrinkle-proof dress. Plan a travel outfit that will stand up to wrinkles and keep you looking crisp. This dress is simply elegant and will be your best friend for the duration of your trip. Bon voyage!

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