Sneaker Chic

While I love my flats and wedges as much as the next girl, I also harbor a deep love for the most practical footwear around: sneakers! With a lengthy trip on the horizon I know I am going to need a pair that will still look stylish (not going to give that up). Luckily there are lots of great choices. Might have to snag a few with all the Cash Back I am going to earn!

1. Chic Italian design aesthetic is front and center in this pair Supergas

2. Not just laces, but velcro as well in these JCPenney kicks

3. Youthful and funky Vans

4. Cute and playful prevails in this pair of Keds

5. The classic: Converse All Star

Nordstrom Sale Rages On!
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Shoes

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