Mixed Print Throw Pillows

The new year may inspire you to spruce up your living space, so why not start with the place where you rest and recharge? Give your bedroom decor a stylish boost with mix and match bedding. Choosing duvet covers, bedspreads, pillowcases and throw pillows in a variety of styles is one of our favorite bedroom ideas. Here’s a few tips on how to make the perfect mix and match bed for your taste with coupons and Cash Back at Ebates.

Geometric Bedspreads

Your first step to statement bedding is to select a geometric bedspread or duvet cover. Try to stick to one featuring no more than three colors to establish a tight color palette. Don’t worry. If you prefer more color, you can always add more in the accent pieces.

Popping Pillowcases

Choose pillowcases in either a bold solid or a smaller print like a paisley or floral in a coordinating color to the bedspread. While the mixed prints add depth and layers to the look, a popping solid is also an effective accent.

Statement Throw Pillows

Throw in another print, go with a graphic or add a texture to top off your bed’s new bold look. The key is to stick to your color palette throughout and vary the size of your prints when mixing them together. Behold, you’ve now got a bed that paid you back for shopping through Ebates.



Prices and Cash Back percentages are subject to change. 

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