Which School Supplies to Buy in Bulk

Back to school supplies

Every year, the same process begins again. When the summer starts to come to a close, it is time to start thinking about the new school year and the types of things that will be necessary for a student to be successful in their academic studies. However, this can be a spendy venture. How do you keep your budget in check when shopping for the supplies your kids need?

The answer is buying in bulk. There are tons of different back-to-school supplies that a classroom and student can benefit from in large quantities. There are many stores that offer huge cuts to their prices when you fill your digital shopping cart to the brim, and if you match these money-saving benefits to the Ebates coupon codes and special deals, you can make sure your kid is well equipped while keeping your bank account safe.

Yet bulk isn’t the answer for all products. What should you buy in large amounts, and what’s better to buy in small portions?

Buying in Bulk – the Bare Necessities

Some top contenders for bulk purchasing this back-to-school season are the staples of every classroom.

– Paper

Even in the computer age, paper is the cornerstone of nearly every classroom experience, no matter the age, grade, or subject. Paper stores well and doesn’t perish, making it the ideal candidate to purchase in bulk for maximized savings. When buying in bulk, you don’t have to worry too much about quantity as paper is bound to be used eventually in studies, arts and crafts, or even for the occasional paper airplane.

Pencils and Pens

Although writing utensils have a shorter lifespan than paper, that’s not the only danger. It is all too common for a young student to lose their writing utensils or lend them to someone else. Rather than finding themselves in a bind, having a few extra in their bag ensures they’re well supplied and always prepared.

– Notebooks and Binders

What is the school year without a handful of notebooks and binders? To keep your kid’s projects and homework organized, picking up several in bulk will save you money and save them confusion when trying to keep their paperwork straight.


Flu and cold season is often the bane of a classroom, and rather than risk your child passing on a sickness or receiving it, buying tissues will ensure they can keep themselves and their friends germ free. Easily stored, just like regular paper, tissues can be bought in bulk to help you cut back on the costs of individual purchases and give your kids the chance to pass on the favor to teachers and other students.

Hand Sanitizer and Band-Aids

Just as with tissues, hygiene-centric items such as hand sanitizer or Band-Aids for those playground scrapes and cuts can be picked up from Walgreens at a much lower price in bulk. Matched with Ebates’ coupons, your savings can be substantial.

Not Buying in Bulk – Reusable Supplies

It is worth mentioning that not everything a student will need makes sense to purchase in bulk. Staplers, calculators, backpacks, and the like are products that can be purchased once or twice, then used for your child’s entire academic career. Keeping an eye on the different sales that merchants have throughout the year can help you stay ahead of the curve and pick up these items at a bargain well before they need to be replaced, preventing headaches and overspending in the long run.

Coupons, Cash Back, and Deals for More Savings

With special Ebates offers, you can not only cut back on your price tag – you can earn money in the process. Heavy-hitting merchants like Amazon allow you to take advantage of Cash Back incentives by buying in huge supplies.

Additionally, if you’re making a single purchase, Ebates helps you find the extra savings you need so that you can fully equip yourself and your students for the upcoming school year and beyond. Offering numerous coupons at dozens of different stores, such as Office Depot for the basic necessities and Wal-Mart for those one-time purchases of knick-knacks or clothes, you can save money and feel confident in your options.

No matter what your need, be it as a parent, teacher, or student, there are great deals to be found through knowing when to buy in bulk and when to make an individual purchase. With these tips in mind, back-to-school shopping is easy and affordable for everyone.


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