How to Save Money on Back-to-School Clothes

Kids wearing backpacks jumping into the airIt is that time of year again. Summer is coming to an end and the clothes the kids haven’t torn, stained, or turned into backyard BBQ napkins are now all too small to fit. So it is time to consider a new fashionable back-to-school wardrobe – including everything from shoes to shirts and all the accessories in between. A new set of clothes is a surefire way to start the school year with confidence and style.

However, shopping for the perfect back-to-school outfits can be demanding on the pocket book. Dodge the burden of breaking the bank and still make sure your kids look great with a few simple tips and tricks. Ebates is here to give you the deals, the Cash Back, and the little-known offers that can help you transition into the new school year while keeping your bank balance firmly in place.

Little girl putting money into piggy bankCash Back

Through Ebates, you can receive Cash Back on purchases by making the right and frugal choices, with big names such as Nordstrom and Kohl’s offering great deals on not only clothes, but all of your school essentials. There’s no need to overspend, and nothing is more satisfying than being rewarded for choosing the right store. Ebates has been offering Cash Back Rewards for dozens of different stores for years, so you can choose your favorite. This Cash Back is always available to you through Ebates, so no matter the season, you can stay in fashion and keep your bank account balanced.

Sales Notifications

You’re a busy person, and so are your kids. Taking the time to browse all the latest deals and sales is a full-time job on its own, so sit back and relax. The money-saving tools aren’t just limited to coupons and Cash Back incentives, but also sales alerts that will help you locate the ideal wardrobe pieces while doing your back-to-school shopping. Enjoy notifications on your device or email to let you know when serious sales are going down with store names and brands you already know and love.

Woman finding coupons online with tabletCoupons

You can browse hundreds of the newest fashion trends for anyone in the family, from the little ones who are starting their first year of school to the young adults embarking on a memorable senior year. Ebates works with stores to provide you with access to hundreds of different money-saving coupon codes, which can be redeemed online directly at the merchant website of your choice, so your back-to-school needs are met conveniently and quickly. Saving money while shopping has never been more rewarding or easier to do.

Don’t Go Cheap – Go Smart

It can be tempting to buy the knock-off brand to save yourself a few dollars, but great deals and promotions through Ebates allow you to get the biggest bang for your buck. Instead of having to replace your wardrobe often, you can purchase the highest quality clothes and accessories that will last your student for years to come. Dependable and long-lasting brands such as Ralph Lauren can be counted on to stay fashionable, so your kid can have that stylish look without the high price tag that makes you sweat.

Girl and boy wearing fall clothesThink Ahead

With all the extra money you can save on fall back-to-school fashions, you may find yourself able to think ahead and purchase needed clothing during the off season. Who says it’s too early to start shopping for winter wear, such as a plush coat or those cute beanies your kids rave about? Shopping during the summer can increase your saving and buying power even more.

Explore New Brands

Ebates offers the widest range of deals from all your favorite stores, but that’s not the end. It can be hard exploring a new brand to find out if it’s trustworthy, and even more difficult to find the little-known stores altogether. Ebates does this searching for you and puts coupons and money-saving deals from the lesser-known options at your fingertips, so you can save a few dollars, try something edgy and new, and save yourself time seeking out the best.

Staying in fashion can be a key element in staying confident, focused, and comfortable for students of any age. With the easy and quick savings through coupon codes and department store sales, Ebates makes your back-to-school shopping more convenient and rewarding than ever before. Looking good for a new year no longer has to be an expensive or stressful event.




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