Q&A: What Is “Shop Ebates”?

Eagle-eyed Ebates members may have noticed we’ve launched a new shopping experience called Shop Ebates. Shop Ebates allows you to search for and buy products directly on Ebates while still earning Cash Back! Here’s what you need to know.

How is Shop Ebates different from Ebates.com?

Shop Ebates is a one-stop shop for popular items sold by select Ebates stores. The step-by-step process of buying something on Shop Ebates is new, but fear not — it’s just as easy as using Ebates.com! Instead of activating Cash Back at the website of your favorite store, find the product you’re looking for on shop.ebates.com and click the “Buy Now” button. Confirm the number of items you want to buy, click “Buy Now” again and then use your Ebates login to continue checkout.

Will I still get Cash Back?

Of course! For each product, you’ll be able to see exactly how much Cash Back you’re eligible to earn even before checking out. Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll receive an email confirming your transaction, the Cash Back amount and which store will fulfill your order.

What’s the advantage of using Shop Ebates?

A nice thing about Shop Ebates is that you can use a single login to buy anything on the site, no matter what store it’s coming from. By adding a shipping address and credit card to your Ebates account, you can avoid the hassle of setting up another account every time you shop at a new store.

OK, how do I find Shop Ebates?

You can go directly to shop.ebates.com. You might also come across Shop Ebates in a couple of other places:

1. On our website. Certain pages on Ebates.com contain a “Shop” section that looks something like this:

Shop School Supplies screenshot

In this example, each tile underneath “Shop School Supplies” links to a page of products on Shop Ebates.

2. When searching for a product on Google. In the below example, searching for a particular crib returns a link to purchase that crib on Shop Ebates.

Can I still use Ebates the way I always have?

Yes! However you prefer using Ebates, we’re there for you. Learn more about Ebates.com, our mobile app and our browser extension to decide which flavors of Ebates best meet your needs.

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  1. Alvaro Avendaño August 5, 2017

    Me parece una buena tienda y que tengo que hacer para ganar dinero?

    • Swapna Dhamdhere at Ebates August 7, 2017

      Hola Alvaro, cuando tengas una tienda en la que quieras comprar, solo tienes que escribirla en la barra de búsqueda e ir a la página del comerciante. Al hacer clic en “Shop Now”, se le pedirá que se registre de forma gratuita o, si tiene una cuenta de Ebates, se le pedirá que inicie sesión. Después de haberlo hecho, verá una página que dice “Cash Back Activated,”¡Compre en la tienda como lo haría normalmente, y Cash Back aparecerá en su cuenta de Ebates! Se le enviará un cheque con su cantidad de reembolso en noviembre.¡Espero que esta información sea utíl!