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With the holiday season approaching, your calendar is sure to fill with gatherings and dinner parties with friends, coworkers and family. Hostess gifts are a great way to show your appreciation to the person responsible for getting you all together under one roof. Sure, you usually bring a dish or a bottle of wine. But why not knock it out of the park with unique hostess gifts that will guarentee your spot at the table next time? We’ve rounded up some home goods and delectible treats that will make the best hostess gifts while earning you Cash Back at Ebates.

Le Souk Olivique Olive Wood Salad Hands, $28.99

Wooden salad hands

The best hostess gift ideas are ones you can use right on the spot. So next time you sign up to bring the salad, pack along these salad hands to toss it up. And when the hostess compliments you on your unique utensils, tell her “They’re yours!”

kate spade new york Polka Dot Apron, $30

kate spade new york all in good taste Polka Dot Apron, $30

She may already have an apron but one this adorable? Plus, how many times has she had to look up cup to tablespoon conversions? Now she won’t have to since they are printed on the back of this super cute apron!

Rub Away Bar, $7.50

Rub Away Bar, $7.50

She slaved all day in the kitchen and her hands certainly smell like it. This stainless steel “soap bar” knocks out stubborn food odors. Just wash your hands with it.

White Stone with Gold Wine Stopper, $16.99

White Stone with Gold Wine Stopper, $16.99

Geodes. They are hot right now. So don’t you dare bring that bottle of cab without this gorgeous stopper.

Copper Laser Cut Glass Vase, $9.98

Copper Laser Cut Glass Vase, $9.98

Flowers are always a great idea but presenting them in a decorative vase from Cost Plus certainly kicks things up a notch.

Almond Roca Toffee with Vintage Tin, $14.99

Almond Roca Toffee with Vintage Tin, $14.99

You really can’t go wrong with candy. However, this tin of Almond Rocca is vintage and will make one fine kitchen accessory long after the treat is gone.

Artisanal Tea Brewing Collection Kit, $69.95

Artisanal Brewing Collection Kit, $69.95

After-dinner refreshments will be a breeze with this tea brewing kit from Teavana.

Sugarfina “But First, Cocktails” Gift Set, $26

"Sugarfina ""But First, Cocktails"" Gift Set, $26"

We mentioned that candy is a no-fail, right? Well this set will be a home run if she also has a taste for champagne and cocktails. These assorted treats are flavored after her favorite spirits.

Le Creuset Mini Cocottes with Cookbook, $100

"Le Creuset Set of 4 Mini Cocottes with Mini-Cocotte Cookbook, $100"

The delivery of this gift is key. Make a soufflé in one of these cocottes, present the dish to your hostess, then surprise her with the rest of the set!

Charles Viancin Sunflower Lid, $8.99

"Charles Viancin 8"" Sunflower Lid, $8.99 "

That dinner party is sure to yield a ton of leftovers. Let the hostess know she can ditch tin foil and plastic wrap for good when you hand her a couple of these adorable silicone lids from Bloomingdale’s.

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