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When I was younger needing glasses, like many of my peers, was a source of slight embarrassment. Now that I have a better sense of my personal style I have definitely embraced glasses as an accessory. One that also serves a very important function. My go-to look has always been thicker black rims – I am drawn to their classic appeal. A year or so ago a friend suggested I check out Warby Parker. While the name rolled of my tongue in a fun way, I was most impressed by their amazing offerings at even more amazing price points. Now I could afford my classic black frames AND some trendy tortoise ones. Boom.


Thanks for Warby Parker’s budget friendly prices it isn’t a matter of *which* frames to buy, it’s a matter of how many frames I want to buy. Check out my favorite frames above – which ones should I get?

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  1. Wow Beautiful Glasses Design. Thanks

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