Now is the time of year to treat yourself to a little bit of travel & entertainment. Discover fun things to do in your neighborhood at up to 80% off with LivingSocial. Or travel to your favorite hot spot and live it up with a night on the town. If you prefer a more leisurely form of entertainment, curl up in bed with a magazine or watch your favorite new series on TV. The Entertainment Extravaganza Sale lasts through September 29, 2014, so shop now!

Having fun doesn’t have to empty your wallet, so we’ve gathered up some stores with Double Cash Back to help you save money on all your entertainment needs.


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6% Cash Back (was 3%)    7% Cash Back (was 3.5%)   3% Cash Back (was 0%)

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5% Cash Back (was 2%)    2% Cash Back (was 1%)     6% Cash Back (was 3%)

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2% Cash Back (was 1%)    8% Cash Back (was 4.5%)   40% Cash Back (was 26%)

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Up to 11% Cash Back (was up to 6.5%)

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2014 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes
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