These Browser Plugins Will Take Your eBay Game to the Next Level

eBay Browser Plugins

eBay is a great resource for both buying and selling, but you can only go so far without a little help. Luckily, there are a ton of browser plugins to assist you in your quest for online auction awesomeness. From price comparison to sniping assistants, these are the best browser plugins to up your eBay game.

eBay (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

eBay, naturally, has its own browser plugin. This plugin lets you keep track of items you’re selling and bidding on, as well as keep up with eBay’s daily deals. It also lets you save searches and keep up with your saved sellers.

Fast Search for eBay (Chrome, Firefox)

This extension does exactly what it promises: helps you search, fast. Its features include: the ability to search eBay international sites, search suggest, follow search configurations, watch listings and dozens of sorting options. Fast Search for eBay is very customizable and is a great tool for the eBay power user.

Snipe It (a.k.a. Myibidder Auction Bid Sniper) (Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS)

Snipe It lets you automatically “snipe” an item, meaning place a bid in the last few seconds of the item’s auction. This extension installs a “snipe it” button on every eBay auction page for easy sniping. Just tell it which products to snipe, then sit back and let it do the rest for you.

What’s It Worth? (Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS)

This super-helpful browser plugin gives you an idea of how much your stuff will sell for on eBay. It uses the average eBay value of similar items successfully sold on eBay in the previous few weeks. What’s It Worth? is a great tool to help you determine if it’s worth your time to sell an item on eBay, as well as to see how much you should be paying for a given item.

eBay Amazon Price Comparison (Chrome, Firefox)

Use this extension for an easy side-by-side comparison of a given item’s price on eBay and Amazon. Just search for your item and the extension shows you both marketplaces at the same time. This plugin is super helpful for the savvy, price-conscious shopper who wants to make sure he or she is getting the best deal.

My eBay Manager (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

Super-organized eBay users will love this plugin, which helps you keep track of all your eBay activity at any given time. Because you’re always signed in, you can check on your eBay listings and purchases at any time, all in one easily accessible place.

SellerTab (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

SellerTab gives you an easy way to track all your eBay seller activity from one homepage. Install the extension to be able to view all of your seller highlights each time you open your browser. You can also track new purchases and see how many items need to be shipped out at any given time. This is a great organizational tool for the active eBay seller.

eBay Live (Firefox)

This cool extension is basically a miniature version of eBay’s site. You can quickly view your watched items, sold items, etc., in one pop-up sidebar. This is a great way to stay on top of all your eBay activity quickly and easily.

eBay Negs! (Firefox)

We all want to give people the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes you just need to get the dirt on an eBayer. eBay Negs! lets you easily view all a seller’s negative feedback with just a right-click. This is a great tool for deciding which eBay sellers are trustworthy enough to buy from.

eBay Worldwide Currency Converter (Firefox, Chrome)

Looking to buy an item from another country? This handy extension basically lets you shop eBay in your own country and currency. The tool makes international shopping a lot less painless, as you won’t have to constantly calculate currency conversions yourself.

Now you’re armed with the best eBay tools out there. Buy, sell, conquer eBay!

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