Why is Ebates Changing Its Name to Rakuten?

You might have seen an ad or two going around with this word “Rakuten,” maybe right before the Super Bowl, during the Grammys or while shopping with Ebates. If you’re confused, we’re here to help.

In 2014, Rakuten acquired Ebates.

It’s like we got the final rose at the end of a long, whirlwind-of-emotions season of The Bachelor.

In 2018, we started changing the look and feel of Ebates to become more like Rakuten.

People started freaking out a bit. We got bombarded with questions like, “What is Rakuten?” “Can Rakuten be trusted?” “Is Rakuten legit?” “What will happen to all my Cash Back?” “WHY ARE YOU CHANGING? CHANGE IS SCARY.”

Here’s a brief history.

In 1997, Rakuten made its debut in Japan, and it has since blossomed from a sweet, little online marketplace to a mega portfolio of more than 70 businesses, such as Rakuten Viber, Rakuten Kobo, Rakuten Viki and more, with 1.2 billion members worldwide. That’s 16% of the global population, FYI.

Our friends are pretty cool.

Rakuten has also become the official partner (read: BFFs) of some of your favorite sports teams and races like the Golden State Warriors, FC Barcelona and Spartan Race.


Can I trust Rakuten?

We know better than to get into partnerships with weirdos. Rakuten is our most trusted friend because they let us be unapologetically ourselves, and they empower us to do more.

Even as Rakuten, we will operate in the same way you’re used to – over 2,500 stores pay us a commission for sending you to them, and we share that commission with you as Cash Back. You’ll visit our new site, Rakuten.com, click “Shop Now” and then shop like you normally do on the store site. After you make a qualified purchase, you’ll earn Cash Back and get your beloved Big Fat Check (or PayPal payment) four times a year like you always have been. Share the love of Cash Back with your friends and refer them to earn $25.

Speaking of, we’re only getting a new name and profile pic.

Your Cash Back, your account info, the way you shop, the stores you shop, our awesome Member Services team and the excitement you can’t contain when you get your Big Fat Check will all stay the same. Yay to familiarity and comfort. And money.

Why do you need to change your name?

The truth is, we want to be better for you. You are amazing, and you only deserve the best. We realized that to do everything we have the biggest hopes and dreams for, we had to fully combine the forces of Ebates and Rakuten. And now, we’re in a committed relationship with Rakuten. We’re basically married.

But I still have no idea how to pronounce Rakuten.

This is basically the only new thing you’ll have to learn, and to be honest, we struggled in the beginning, too. But Rakuten means “optimism” in Japanese, and we are optimistic that you will overcome. In one of our latest Rakuten commericals, we challenged people to say our name correctly in the only way we know how – with cash for winners.

Okay, but I’m still nervous.

We get it. But we promise – only bigger, better things are coming your way. We’re here for you whenever you need us to help you through this transition. This is a safe place.

Ebates joined Rakuten because we knew we would be proud of what we could accomplish with them. And we are. Still, the most exciting parts of this partnership have yet to come, and we are so excited to have you join us as we take the next step as Rakuten.

If you haven’t yet, join Rakuten today and get a $10 Cash Bonus!

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    • Daisy Tran

      Hi Jenny,

      We’re in the process of making it official! Everything you know and love about Ebates will be the same when we’re Rakuten, which means the website will be the same except our new name! You’ll know when you see “Rakuten” where you’re used to seeing “Ebates.”

      Hope this helps!

      Daisy from Ebates

  2. Lee Dempsey

    Do I need to register with Rakuten if I am registered with Ebates?

    • Lilly

      apparently not–mine just changed one day from ebates to rakuten when i signed on. i did nothing extra

    • Daisy Tran

      Hi Lee,

      No, everything you know and love about Ebates will stay the same, including your account. We’re just changing our name!

      Daisy from Ebates

  3. Kim laxton

    What happens if we have a current balance ansign up with this app? Do we then remove the Ebates app?

    • Daisy Tran

      Hi Kim,

      This is just a name change, so the entire balance of your account will be untouched and there’s no need to remove the Ebates app. Every penny of your Cash Back will be in the same place.

      Please refer to our FAQ page if you have more questions: https://www.rakuten.com/new-brand

      Daisy from Ebates

  4. Pat Porter Dunner McGovern

    Will I earn $10 for making the switch from debates or was that already done for me?

    • Daisy Tran

      Hi Pat,

      The entire account will transfer over, so if you’ve already earned a Welcome Bonus with Ebates, you won’t be eligible to earn one with Rakuten.

      Please refer to our FAQ page if you have more questions: https://www.rakuten.com/new-brand

      Daisy from Ebates

  5. Vicki Davis

    I’m interested in joining

    • Daisy Tran

      Hi Vicki!

      We’re so glad to hear that. You can join Rakuten and earn a $10 Cash Bonus here: https://www.rakuten.com/

      Daisy from Ebates

  6. Phyllis Mooew

    This is a new place for me, so it is very excitingl Anxious to see hom site

  7. peter a godlewski

    i think this is great and I even know how to pronounce Rakuten,now just get me to one of those money machines,,,,,,,,,,,,,..

  8. Lola3940

    Will my Big Fat Check still be a Big Fat Check?

    • Daisy Tran


      Yes, your Big Fat Check will still be a Big Fat Check 🙂

      Daisy from Ebates

  9. Diane


  10. Deborah Boschetti

    will I still get the money at was coming from Ebates?

    • Daisy from Ebates

      Hi Deborah,

      You will still receive your Big Fat Check! Nothing about the way you earn and receive Cash Back will change.


  11. So, I signed up today May 27, and it said I would receive a $10.00 bonus for doing so. However, my account balance shows $0.00. Does it take awhile to get it?

    • Daisy from Ebates

      Hi Sharon,

      The $10 Cash Bonus will be added to your account once you make your first qualifying purchase of $25 or more with us. Hope this helps!


  12. Cindy Caldwell

    New member new been on ebates before don’t understand is there a membership fee

    • Cindy caldwell

      How much is it

      • Daisy from Ebates

        Hi Cindy!

        It is absolutely free to join Ebates! In fact, we’ll even give you a $10 Welcome Bonus after your first $25 qualified purchase with Ebates.

  13. Julie N

    I’m glad I was already an Ebates member before you made the change because Rakuten is not at all memorable, even with the commercial campaign. I’m surprised you’d give up such a perfect brand name as Ebates. It says exactly what you do, there is no doubt about spelling and pronunciation…. I’m looking forward to what comes next, but from a consumer standpoint, my initial impression is that you’re losing a great brand identity.

    • Jenn Reddinger

      I agree, not a fan of the new name.

  14. I just joined Rakutin

    • Daisy from Ebates

      Hi Susan,

      We’re so glad to hear that! You’re definitely a savvy shopper 🙂


  15. Mary

    I had a account with ebates. Now I can’t sign in no matter how I try. Can somebody help me???

  16. Gail Rank

    Curious but hopeful

  17. First time @ this site

    • Nancy dini

      Yes would like to join

  18. Laura Carr

    Help, I just tried to log onto to Ebates and nothing happened. I want to shop at Walmart… what so I need to do??

  19. Marissa

    I couldn’t log into my Rakuten account using my ebates….when I click on the rakuten logo on my screen it takes me to the rakuten site not to the page saying I am now on my way to getting a cashback…Is there a customer service I can talk to?

    Many thanks


  20. Laura Caldas

    I have referred several people and was continuing to sing your praises until I received phone calls from the people I referred to you. It is July 3rd and all of us are still waiting for our May 15th checks. This is the first time I have not received a check and the people I referred have not received their checks either. I am very dissapointed and have egg on my face for referring people only to have their experience with your company being bad. Please let me know what is going on with the quarterly checks and how I can make ammends with my my friends.