We <3 our Cash Back button and are constantly working to make sure it’s the best experience possible. We have made some recent refinements that may be a bit of a change and want to make sure you are all still earning all your Cash Back. Questions/comments/concerns about the button? Please let us know 🙂

  1. We removed IE from the install page on the site. We are now only promoting installs for Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. IE was really not work properly with our technology or our stores’ technology. We are sorry to have to do this, but moving forward that browser won’t be available.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Cash Back will no longer be automatically activated.  The user will always have to click to activate Cash Back.  We decided that we needed to take every measure to make sure tracking was working properly. We know it’s an extra step, but we think that the Cash Back is worth it 🙂
  3. When you activate your button you will now see a small transition window like when you click through from Ebates. This will help remedy any tracking issues that our old tool bar might have had.
You asked and we (finally) delivered: Ebates for Android!
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  1. I am very confused i started a shopping trip through ebates last night for amazon.com I placeb my order yet it doesnt show up in my order history I am worried that I wont recieve credit for my order 🙁 help

  2. Sandra Gofforth says:

    I have been having issues with Firefox and my ebates button. I haven’t had a shopping trip log in awhile, actually when I click on the button when it is red it takes me to my ebates log on page. Ummm ok, so then I type in the store I want and click the button again it say shopping trip opened and then all of a sudden the button is red again like I am suppose to click it again. I don’t know what is going on I haven’t gotten cash back for any shopping trips I have done in the past couple of weeks. I’m to say the least very disappointed. What is going on, the button just take me to my log on but I’m already logged on…what is going on.

    • Swapna Dhamdhere says:

      Hi Sandra, so sorry to hear you’re having trouble. When you navigate to new stores with the button, you have to click “Activate X% Cash Back” with every new store so it can start a new shopping trip. The button won’t track across multiple stores. You have to click activate every time so it can track and apply coupons. If you have any further trouble, please email us at facebookhelp@ebates.com. We’d be happy to look into it further! 🙂

      • I am having the same issue all of a sudden. It worked as normal until the end of January, then the last few weeks it hasn’t worked. I click activate when i’m at a store, as i always have, and it takes me back to the ebates.com log in page (which it didn’t do before). Unfortunately the advice given doesn’t help because Im clicking Activate, as i always have. It just keeps going in circles. Click activate, log in again, go to store, have to click again, over and over. Please help, i’ve also missed quite a bit of cash back the last few weeks as well. Thank you.

        • Swapna Dhamdhere says:

          Hi Tina, that is unfortunate! Please email facebookhelp@ebates.com with your account information so they can look into the technical issues. I will reach out to our button team as well to see if there are any outstanding bugs that this issue might be a result of.

  3. Sandra Gofforth says:

    Has there been any update on this issue, it really is kind of annoying, I would like to be able to receive my ebates monies as most of the stores I shop at do reward with ebates. Please update on if the issue has been fixed or not, I have lost out on so many purchases, I understand some do not quailify but most of mine do. Please update us on if this has been fixed or not or still an on going situation.

    • Swapna Dhamdhere says:

      Hi Sandra, were you able to contact facebookhelp@ebates.com to troubleshoot? They have more technical insight into the more detailed issues.

      • I have not gotten any help and the button is still not responding. Very irritated about this. I guess I won’t be getting anymore Ebates very very disappointing.

        • Swapna Dhamdhere says:

          Hi Sandra, our records indicate that our team reached out to you to on February 13th to inform you that a version of Firefox had a bug with the Button and to recommend that you use another browser or go through Ebates.com to earn Cash Back while the issue was fixed. They had also added $10 to your account for your troubles. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to get this resolved quickly. We appreciate your patience and are always happy to help.

  4. Sandra Gofforth says:

    Thank you I must have missed that somewhere along the way. Hopefully the Firefox version will be fixed soon as it is the only browser I normally use.

  5. Also I appreciate that you said there was $10 added to my account but I see no evidence of that. But the Ebates button works again, so that is nice. Have a good day.

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