We <3 our Cash Back button and are constantly working to make sure it’s the best experience possible. We have made some recent refinements that may be a bit of a change and want to make sure you are all still earning all your Cash Back. Questions/comments/concerns about the button? Please let us know 🙂

  1. We removed IE from the install page on the site. We are now only promoting installs for Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. IE was really not work properly with our technology or our stores’ technology. We are sorry to have to do this, but moving forward that browser won’t be available.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Cash Back will no longer be automatically activated.  The user will always have to click to activate Cash Back.  We decided that we needed to take every measure to make sure tracking was working properly. We know it’s an extra step, but we think that the Cash Back is worth it 🙂
  3. When you activate your button you will now see a small transition window like when you click through from Ebates. This will help remedy any tracking issues that our old tool bar might have had.
You asked and we (finally) delivered: Ebates for Android!
Who Wants a Great Deal?

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  1. The ebates addon button is located on a toolbar I do not use.. Every addon buttinI ever had has been movable to a location that works for me….. Your button is not movable…or so it seems….. HOW CAN I MOVE THE BUTTON ???? as it is currently it is useless to me….. I am not wasting space keeping an entire toolbar open just for one button….. thank you

    • lauragamble says:

      Hi Rana, this button should not be visible. When you go to a store, say Nordstrom, the button will flash down within the site. Much more simple.

  2. Sue Yost-Ferro says:

    I “thought” I joined Ebates a few months ago..just never had money until now. I receive email everyday…couple times a day on the deals and cash back %’s. Soooo, I have gone off the email I receive and been shopping n shopping… I was a lil curious when I didn’t receive any emails about my purchases and cash back… I have shopped at JC Penny’s, Kohr’s and I thought one more but of course I can’t remember when I need to. To my ultimate disappointment I came upon the Ebate Web page and it stated that I didn’t finish signing up… and have ZERO $$$$ coming my way. I NEVER EVER even shop at the two things that I can remember. I’m not young and perhaps I made an innocent error. Isn’t there something you can do. I’ve waited and waited for my lil bit of tax return to shop thru Ebates.. I’ve spent approx. $200.00 – $400.00 and purposely tried to shop at the higher cash back stores. I tried every help link to contact you thru email but NO success 🙁 I was so stoked about Ebates due to my niece talking about her payouts via Facebook. I am just so frustrated now and want to cancel everything! I live on a very limited income and was counting on My Big Fat Check. Can you please help me out. Thanks in advance. Sue

  3. The changes stink. I shop online all the time and never get my ebates because the links go nowhere, and now the button does the same thing. 🙁

  4. I am trying to get a clickable button into a blog, but only the HTML shows up. For now, I can only add the graphical. Can you advise me?

  5. My mom forwarded me an email about installing the ebates button, which I did. Unfortunately, it linked to her account, not mine. I can’t get it removed from my browser toolbar now. It’s also slowing down my computer considerably. How can I uninstall the button? I’m not interested in correcting it to my account. It’s not showing up as software I can uninstall through Windows. Thanks!

  6. Glenda Stokes says:

    How can I remove the button from IE went to the site were you responded to Catie & none of the were for IE. I have the same problem as Catie with it slowing down my computer or not working. Thanks

  7. I have Chrome and have tried to download the button. I keep getting failed which I don’t understand. If I type in ebates.com the site comes up.

    • I had the button for quite a while in my Chrome 64 bit browser. I’m not sure when it went away, but now it won’t install.

  8. Does anyone know how to reset your email on Ebates? I signed up last year and apparently used an older email. I don’t remember what email I attached it to. It allows me to sign in using the ‘facebook signin’ but once I get on it still directs me to log in using email and password. I tried messaging Ebates help center but you need the email you signed in with to send a request.

  9. :Your Ebates button is in my way and I’m wasting time trying to get rid of it. I am on Ancestry.com and cannot access the edit button because yours is in the way and has no way to move it or turn it off. Very aggravated. If I can figure out how to remove your program I definitely will!

    • Whitney Stutes says:

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble with our Cash Back Button. We do have a page that will explain to you how to uninstall this button. But we’d love to help you before you uninstall. Please email as at facebookhelp[at]ebates[dot]com so we can help you one on one.


  10. I cant get into my account, I have coworkers who also cant get it, states inactive user?

    • Whitney Stutes says:

      Hi Kris – can you please email us at facebookhelp[at]ebates[dot]com so we can look into this for you? Thanks.

  11. eBates button was disabled by Firefox. My version is 43.0.

    Will eBates update the button to be compatible with Firefox?

  12. I am trying to install the button on my iPad and your help page says it’s compatible with safari but when i click on your link I’m taken to a page that tells me I can only install the app on chrome and firefox. What is going on?

    • Whitney Stutes says:

      Toolbar extensions like the Ebates Cash Back Button are not compatible with mobile browsers.
      If you are using a smartphone or tablet for Cash Back shopping, we recommend you use the Ebates mobile app for Android and iOS. The Ebates mobile apps can be found here: http://bit.ly/1Zukvmm

  13. I have been unable to have a regular browsing experience after using this app. The Old Navy website links no longer work when I visit the site through the mobile Safari app. I am also no longer able to use the setting to change the Old Navy and store affiliates’ pages over to a desktop view since installing the ebates app.

    I tried removing the app, but the Old Navy, Gap, and the affiliate store links still did not work in mobile Safari.

    I’ve since put the mobile ebates app back on my phone and Old Navy and the affiliate store links still do not work. Not to mention the ebates app does not show up in my list of apps under my iPhone’s general settings list.

    • Whitney Stutes says:

      Hi Tish – I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the mobile app. I’m forwarding this to our customer service team, but if you could email us directly at facebookhelp@ebates.com so we can see how we can resolve this for you. Thank you.

  14. I hear your web suit is very good.

  15. My button on my Firefox page disappeared and now I can’t reinstall. Can someone help?

  16. The activate button on the right up corner of Google chrome won’t work. Every time I click on it, the page refresh, but it still asks me to activate the cash back.

  17. dorothyheath says:

    It use to be so easy! I even sign in to Ebates.com, but do not get my cash back button. The cash back doesn’t work either. Done lots of shopping on line without it showing or working !!


    • Swapna Dhamdhere says:

      Hi Dorothy, we’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble using Ebates. Make sure your Google Chrome browser button is activated when you are browsing sites that are on Ebates. It will blink green when activated and blink red when not activated while on an Ebates merchant website. You can also email facebookhelp@ebates.com for any further questions! Hope this helps.

  18. I tired shopping through the ebates app on my iPad but when I clicked on a store to shop and it opened up my store app to make the purchase, am I still going to receive the ebates from it or was my transaction lost?

    • Swapna Dhamdhere says:

      Hi Christine,

      Currently, our app only connects to the Groupon app. For all other stores, it will open in your browser and your Cash Back will be tracked. To make sure, check that your Ebates browser button is flashing green. For Groupon, the app should still track your shopping trip. Hope this helps!

  19. dorothyheath says:

    I can’t get the ebates ap button!! I’ve installed it 2 or 3 times on my computer but it doesn’t come up! It use come up automatically. So, even if it doesn’t show, does Ebates still see my shopping & everything ?

    • Swapna Dhamdhere says:

      Hi Dorothy, what browser are you currently using? You might need to update to the latest version or try Chrome, if you don’t have it. Another surefire way to make sure that your shopping trip is being tracked is to go to Ebates.com and search the store, visit the store page, and click “shop now.” Once you click it, it will come up with an interface saying you have started a shopping trip at that store and take you to the store website. Then, shop and purchase as you normally would and you’ll be good to go! The button is just a convenience, but it’s not a necessity to get Cash Back. Hope this helps!

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