Stack of change next two bride and groom figurinesCongratulations! If you are reading this, chances are that you are either planning your own wedding or helping to plan one with a lucky friend or family member. Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be a super fun endeavor but also incredibly stressful, especially when it comes to planning out and sticking to a budget. Lucky for you, learning how to save for a wedding and figuring out how to save on wedding costs really doesn’t have to be that painful.

As long as you start early, a few small, everyday changes can make a huge difference in your savings. Add in some wedding budget tips and careful planning and saving for a wedding will be as easy as a piece of multi-tiered cake. Check out these money-saving tips to help maximize your wedding budget without feeling totally bound by your purse strings. As a special bonus, you’ll earn Cash Back at Ebates at each of the stores mentioned to help add a welcome cash infusion to your wedding budget.

Young woman sitting in cafe with hot drink1. Stop Buying Coffee: Save $100/month

This one is a no-brainer. Skip the fancy lattes each day and get ready to set aside an extra $2-$5 per day. Making your own coffee can swiftly add up to an extra $100 per month or more, depending on your coffee-buying habit. That extra money set aside can help you defray wedding costs like table centerpieces and other small essentials. Treat yourself to a simple coffee machine and supplies online at Mr. Coffee and build savings for your wedding into your daily routine.

Woman packing her own lunch2. Pack Your Own Lunch: Save $200/month

Bringing your lunch to work can easily save you $5-$10 per day, which over a few months could add up to a few hundred dollars and be enough to cover your wedding place cards, save the dates or even your invites. Invest in some nice packable lunch boxes and use a promo code to save at Bed Bath and Beyond for you and your future spouse to double up on your money savings for your wedding.

3. Cut Out the Fancy Dinners: Save $120/month

Dining out is fun, but when you’re saving for a wedding, it’s an easy expense to cut that can save you some serious wedding budget money. A meal at a restaurant for two can cost you $30 or more and dining in could add up to an extra $120 or more per month for your wedding savings account. After a few months, you could easily save enough for a tux or flowers for your wedding day. Invite your friends and family to help support your arsenal of ways to save on wedding by setting up weekend potluck dinners rather than eating out at restaurants. This is also a great opportunity to up your cooking skills if you can invest in a couple great new cookbooks. Check out the great collection available online at BooksAMillion and get ready to impress your friends and family with both your cooking and wedding saving skills. Your friends and family may even thank you for all the money they save too! Other super money saving wedding tips include simple switches like making your own brunch on the weekends – which can add up to $50-$100 extra for your wedding saving accounts each month.

4. Pregame at Home: Save $120/month

Whether it’s date night or time for you and your girls to hit the town, get started with drinks at home rather than at a bar or restaurant. Drinks and cocktails out on the town can cost you $5-$15 each, so even skipping one drink for each of you every weekend could add up to an extra $120 per month for your wedding budget. Just think of your new cocktail fund as your wedding favors budget and get something sweet for all your guests to take home with them. If you’re not ready to give up fun cocktails altogether, pick up a great guide and start mixing them yourself!

DIY wedding favor cut-out label photo booth props5. Don’t Impulse Buy Pricey Wedding Accessories

Just because you found the most adorable wedding cake topper, that doesn’t mean you have to buy it right then and there, especially if it comes with a hefty price tag. You probably already know that products labeled “wedding” often come with a markup. With a little creativity, you can find these items elsewhere or create them yourself with a little DIY moxie and potentially save $100-$200 to put toward your other wedding expenses. Get a head start on DIY wedding elements when you check out all the ways to save for a wedding with the awesome wedding DIY section at Michaels. Order the supplies you’ll need for classic wedding supplies like cake toppers, table décor and gorgeous favors and save a bundle.

6. Skip the Travel

Whether you are planning your bachelorette weekend or picking out your wedding venue, keeping things local can help keep hundreds of dollars in your budget to spend on other essentials, like meals for your guests or that awesome live band that you’ve been checking out. Planning your wedding in your local area can help you save on wedding costs before the wedding even gets started. Without the added costs of airfare and a hotel to go prep your wedding site, you can easily divert that money to spend on other essentials. Another bonus of a wedding that’s nearby your home is that it makes getting all the DIY items wedding items to your venue even easier when the big day finally arrives.

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