Summer has hit, kids are out of school – but what can you do to have fun, encourage simple and classic entertainment and do it all for less, or even better for FREE?!

We wanted to provide you with a list of 10 things you can do this summer that are FREE to help your budget, time and maximize that summer fun! The best part is that many of these activities will possibly give you more time together as a family!

Here’s a list of 10 ideas of FREE things you can do:

  1. Free fishing – Enjoy FREE fishing days in the month of June and other summer months all across the country meaning that you do not need a fishing license to fish! Check out the list Free Fishing Days to find out what dates are available in your area.
  2. Find free roller skating across the nation – Wow, this brings back memories from our childhoods! This is a new program and you can check out the list of roller skating rinks that are currently part of the Kids Skate Free program that are participating now. If there is not one in your area, they have a letter already drafter that you can send to your local rink to ask them to participate.
  3. Summer Reading Programs – This is definitely a family favorite as Alex and I remember loving these reading programs at our local library! They are available all over the country from your local libraries to some national chains. You will want to check the list of Kids Summer Reading Programs 2012 for the full list!
  4. Free bowling – There are many great ways to bowl for free across the nation as part of the Kids Bowl Free summer program. Check out the details and locations on the Kids Bowl Free site.
  5. Free summer movies or concerts in the park for the community – Check in your local newspaper, your local city’s or county’s websites for the calendar of events for the low-down on the community movies and concerts in the park. Plus you may see other ideas or activities going on in your area too!
  6. Free museum entrances – There is a possibility that you have many local museums that are free in your area. See our previous post on the topic of Free Museum Entrances.
  7. Lowes has their build and grow clinics for kids to build a fun activity for FREE- You can see their calendar of Lowe’s Build & Grow Clinics. This is a fun hand’s on building experience!
  8. Home Depot Free kids building workshops – Similar to Lowe’s, Home Depot also has a kids free building workshops. You can see their schedule of projects on the Home Depot Kids Free Workshops site.
  9. Don’t forget movie night – If you or a friend have a projector and a sheet, schedule a outside movie night and invite your friends! If you want to add a fun dimension to it, if you and your friends chip in you can rent a cotton candy machine; what kid doesn’t love cotton candy? 🙂
  10. Schedule with your friends to have fun playdates throughout the summer – If you or your friends have a trampoline, pool and even a swingset it can be a fun way for the kids to get together and play with your family’s summer fun toys while the adults enjoy some time of relaxing as well.

Also, consider summertime a great time to educate your children on the topic of finances and complete the family financial focus worksheet together and learn about the family’s budgeting. It can be a good time to get them involved with couponing too! They can learn everything from cutting and counting (for the younger kids) and organizing in groups and categories (for the older kids). There are so many more skills even such as addition/subtraction/fractions/multiplication practice and the challenge of getting as much as they can with the family’s grocery budget on items your family would eat (obviously for the older kids on this one!) while at the same time build those life application skills from preschoolers all the way through high school! Plus you will enjoy the help from coupon cutting to grocery shopping trip planning and implementing!

Enjoy these ways to play, learn and have fun over these summer months!

Alex and Cassie run the site The Thrifty Couple but haven’t always been thrifty – in fact, after they were first married they racked up over $100K and learned the hard way how to pay it off in seven years. They started their site to share those tips and resources to help you \meet your every financial goal.

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