Discover great savings with Double Cash Back during the Columbus Day Sale at Ebates. Other than having an extra day off, the best part of a holiday weekend is the sales. From clothing and shoes to great hotels, we’ve got you covered with these 19 stores.

Let us know in the comments below, what will you be doing this holiday weekend?

The Columbus Day Sale lasts through October 13, 2014, so shop now!


6% Cash Back (was 3%)    5% Cash Back (was 2.5%)   4% Cash Back (was 2%)

       SEE COUPONS                       SEE COUPONS                       SEE COUPONS


5% Cash Back (was 2.5%)    6% Cash Back (was 3%)     12% Cash Back (was 6%)

       SEE COUPONS                         SEE COUPONS                       SEE COUPONS


6% Cash Back (was 3%)    5% Cash Back (was 2.5%)   5% Cash Back (was 0%)

       SEE COUPONS                       SEE COUPONS                      SEE COUPONS

         carters        piperlime

3% Cash Back (was 0%)    5% Cash Back (was 2.5%)   4% Cash Back (was 2%)

       SEE COUPONS                        SEE COUPONS                      SEE COUPONS

ebags         sephora        hsn

12% Cash Back (was 6%)    8% Cash Back (was 4%)   6% Cash Back (was 3%)

       SEE COUPONS                        SEE COUPONS                      SEE COUPONS

      cliniquedell        bodyshop

4% Cash Back (was 2%)    8% Cash Back (was 4%)   8% Cash Back (was 4%)

        SEE COUPONS                     SEE COUPONS                      SEE COUPONS






6% Cash Back (was 3%)



All prices and Cash Back percentages are subject to change. 

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