Trying to get those healthy New Years resolutions on lock? The Kitchen Safe is here to lend a helping hand by keeping yours off the sweet treats. This tamper-proof container comes with a locking lid that can be timed to open from one minute to up to 10 days. Once that lid is closed and the timer is set, there are no overrides and no turning back.


And don’t get tricksy trying to crack this sweets safe. Even if the batteries die or are removed, the container is still Fort Knox. It’s made from thick, durable plastic so unless you take it outside and run it over with your car, you’ll just have to wait to get your sugar fix.

If your New Year’s resolution is less about calories and more about quality time, The Kitchen Safe could come in handy. It can also be used for locking away other items like a game controller or smartphone to help you reduce your screen time.


And parents, can you say best time-out tool ever? There’s no harder lesson than being able to see your favorite toy or game and not be able to get your hands on it. Maybe next time they’ll think twice about giving the dog a haircut.

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