tobuyjulyJuly is definitely the time to buy when it comes to specific items, including some big-ticket goods you may have been putting off for the perfect storm of extra cash and great summer deals. Let us get you started on your quest to get the biggest bang for your buck this month with our tried and true list of seven products you can score at rock-bottom prices.

1. Grills – Top stores always stock up (and overstock) on grills to be sure to keep up with 4th of July demand. Now it’s time to clear out discount grills for fall inventory so be on the lookout for great grill prices at stores that offer Cash Back at Ebates like Home Depot and Sears.


2. Furniture – New furniture styles typically come out in August, making July clearance-mania on couches, dining sets, end tables and more. Check the clearance sections of department stores like Kohl’s or furniture stores like Ashley Furniture.

3. Home Décor – July is smack dab in the middle of wedding season, meaning home décor goods such as table settings, dinnerware, wall art, curtains and window treatments can be snatched up at great prices. Visit stores like and Gifted Living for fantastic deals.

4. Tools – The Father’s Day rush to score top-quality tools is long gone, leaving retailers itching to get you buying with amazing prices on tool sets, tool boxes and power tools. Keep an eye out at stores like Kmart, Ace Hardware and Northern Tool for unbelievable prices.

5. Computers – If you have no qualms about buying last year’s model, July is a great time to go shopping for a new desktop or laptop. New models came out last month and Back to School sales are about to cut prices even deeper in late July. Shop stores like, Lenovo and Sears for great computer deals with Cash Back at Ebates.


6. Fine Jewelry – People buy jewelry in droves every December and February, leaving the summer months a snail’s pace in sales. There are sure to be fantastic deals on high-end jewelry including pendants, earrings, bracelets, even wedding ring sets. Check out designer department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and specialty stores like for unbeatable jewelry promo codes and sales.

7. HOT DOGS OMG – Mark it on your calendars, folks. July 23 is National Hot Dog Day and your local wiener-wielding convenience store may be offering free or discounted doggies. So get your buns over there, pronto!



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