Did you know that the word “pajama” (in England, “pyjama”) is actually a Hindi word, pajama & means “leg clothing.” In the 1700s when the British arrived in India, they thought that loose, baggy pants were a great idea.  In more than 300 years we’re still sleeping, lounging around, and even working in our favorite pair of PJs.  So why not enjoy the best – 100% Made in America – sleepwear from Bedhead Pajamas! May 1st is National Pajama Day & Bedhead Pajamas wants to celebrate in style by offering Ebates customers either 15% off  all orders with promo code EBATES15 or Free Shipping with promo code EBATESFS…just in time for Mother’s Day! Make bedtime even more special with these adorable Mommy & Me slumber sets.

Here’s your chance to win a $100 Gift Card from Bedhead Pajamas- just leave us a comment sharing your sweetest dream! This contest will be open through May 8th. Good luck, everyone!

It's What Moms Want: Win a Spa Day from Ebates!

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  1. My sweetest dreams include my 2 angel babies that passed away way to soon.

  2. My dream is to be with my long distance relationship boyfriend and be able to live together, work and come home and see each other, and also maybe make a family when the time comes. Every night I dream that I am with him. I stolen his hoodie when we met and I sleep with it every night.

  3. Erica Best says:

    my sweetest dream is when i dream i was having a baby it was the best one yet.

  4. My sweetest dream . . . nice warm sun on a beach!

  5. Serena Myers says:

    My sweetest dream would be to be able to go on bike rides with my family after being diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis in 2009 I can no longer ride a bike. I can’t go outside & play with my children in the heat because of my medical problems. I miss doing things with my husband & 3 girls.

  6. My sweetest dreams are about my children. I love being a mom.

  7. The upcoming birth of our baby.

  8. My sweet dream is relaxing holidays on the beach with the sound of the surf and with my family.

  9. Carla Coe says:

    My sweet dream was laying in a field of soft grass as a sweet breeze blew by filled with the smells of spring.

  10. Sweetest dream, is to be stuck on a tropical island

  11. My sweetest dream was about us having a little girl.

  12. Mandi Marcus says:

    My sweetest dream was that I got to see my sister again after not seeing her for months. She is my best friend!

  13. Marilyn H says:

    My sweet dream was that I was in Hawaii on the beach. I woke up in New Jersey!

  14. My sweetest dream is that I win this giveaway!

  15. Maddy Garcia says:

    My sweetest dream was of me driving my truck and running errands. Its the simple things

  16. James Taylor says:

    Ty pick me plz

  17. Toni Goodall says:

    My sweetest dream was holding a baby that wasn’t mine and being able to comfort it for the mother, and then realizing that this child, this little angel would be my grand child some day.

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