Wedding Travel

Save on your travel plans and find an idyllic destination for your honeymoon or wedding.

Wedding Travel

If a destination wedding is something you’ve always dreamed of, Ebates is here to help you make that dream a reality! With a variety of merchants to choose from and promo codes that help you get deals on wedding destinations, all you have to do is go through Ebates to make wedding travel plans for you and your guests.

Beaches are one of the most popular destination-wedding locales. Whether you’re in love with the Pacific Ocean or more partial to the Atlantic, let Ebates help you get coupon codes from merchants for wedding travel locations on either coast. If you prefer an exotic Caribbean locale such as Bermuda or the Bahamas for your wedding or honeymoon, check out Ebates merchants for the best deals on hotels, vacation rentals and airline tickets.

Some destination-wedding resorts offer amazing all-inclusive packages for you and your guests, so do your research to see what deals are best for you. You should always plan a destination wedding at least eight to 10 months in advance so your guests can make time to be there with you on your special day. Remember to go through Ebates to check out your options, whether you’re going with a traditional wedding venue at a distant locale, having a tropical beach wedding or even getting married aboard a cruise ship with the captain performing the ceremony!

When you or your wedding guests use the handy Cash Back button on your computer’s toolbar before booking flights, hotel reservations or car rentals, the money you earn from Ebates can pay for some great extras, such as dining, souvenirs and sightseeing!