Win a Bumble and bumble Stylist Set!

There are few things that scream summer like flowy, beachy locks of hair. One of our favorite brands, Bumble and bumble, has a great set of their best products and one lucky Ebates winner will win this lovely set of products.



Entry is simple: Let us know your favorite hair styling tip or how you would use these cool products.

*Winners must be residents of the United States of American over the age of 18 and members of

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  1. alejandra

    I blow dry my hair and then I would use the shine spray to give it shine after the blowdrying.

  2. Valerie

    I’d use the shine spray on the tips of my hair to prevent my hair from looking dry and frizzy.

  3. Lauren

    My tip is to use a wide tooth comb in the shower to get out the big knots. After showering, towel dry and spray in Bumble & Bumble Surf spray and maybe a bit of texture spray. Comb out with fingers and put hair in messy bun for about an hour. The messy bun helps to add curl and a more natural beach look. Let your hair down and add some Bumble & Bumble Shine 🙂

  4. Sarah CV

    Don’t put your hair up with a towel (no matter how cool it looks). I’d like to try to shiny spray. My hair needs it!

  5. Kristen F.

    Only wash your hair every 3 to 4 days.

    I would use these all summer to get the greatest summer style.

  6. Natalie Jones

    I would use the surf spray to enhance my natural wave.

  7. Christel W

    I have finally after 40 years, stopped washing my hair everyday! These products would be great for me as I try to repair my hair damage & let it grow out!

  8. Vicki Miller

    I would def. love this! The surf spray is the best!

  9. I love, love, love shine spray … B+B products are great.

  10. Jesse

    the thickening hairspray is great, not crunchy and let’s your hair move. I love it so much I buy the large bottles and travel bottles and refill the travel bottles to use at work, the gym or travelling 🙂

  11. I would Love to have these products to keep my hair from being frizzy on humid days!

  12. Julie S.

    I would use these sprays to help with my hair’s appearance, but I would include my 2 year old daughter in the fun! She wants to do everything I do…makeup and hair now being one of them!

  13. Stefanie Ecuyer

    My hair is so much healthier when I dont wash it every day. If necessary, I will spray on a little dry shampoo.

  14. Susan P.

    I would use the Surf Spray to give a tousled messy look.

  15. Cari Campbell

    My hair trick is to blow dry my hair upside down, and then for extra volume I tease and hairspray just the hair close to my head on the crown area, blow dry the hairspray while holding those hairs straight up, and then brush through it with a brush to remove the slight rats nest look! Voila! Volume that lasts for days!

  16. Christy

    Shine. Shine. Shine!

  17. Liz R

    I would use the Surf Spray to help my hair cope in these hot and humid summer days!

  18. rachel p

    I would use these products to get some lift at my roots, and smooth my ends.

  19. cheryl

    I love the surf spray! I would use it all summer for that beachy look!

  20. I LOVE the surf spray! I go through a bottle quickly because i have a lot of hair, but it makes my curly hair look awesome–takes away frizz and kinda weighs down the craziness a bed. Also I haven’t tried the shine spray but I’d really really like to!