8 New Year's Essentials for Burnt-Out College Students

Last August, you started the school year ready to take over the world. But after five months of burying yourself in college textbooks, you’re running a little low on steam. This is totally normal and happens to even the most motivated students. To get you back on track, we’ve created a list of New Year’s resolutions and products that’ll help you keep them. Because if you don’t care take of yourself, making the grade will be that much harder. Shop these New Year’s essentials with Cash Back at Ebates, and end your school year with a bang.

Reduce Distractions

Winterial Pop Up Bed TentStarting the new year off right should include renewing your focus and concentration. Create a private study space anywhere with this cozy and portable bed tent.

Eat Healthier

Graze box subscriptionThe most common New Year’s Eve resolution is weight loss. Stocking up on healthy snacks with a Graze box subscription can improve your energy and reduce your dependence on the dreaded vending machine. We think that’s a great start toward a healthier lifestyle.

Up Your Organization

Mint Poppin Silicone OrganizersIf your desk is starting to look like a dump zone, it’s hardly an effective work space. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Clear the clutter with a complete organization set that puts everything in its proper place.

Wake Up Earlier

Clarity Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker And Lamp FlasherNever miss an alarm again, even after late nights with your nose buried in textbooks. This alarm clock covers all the bases with flashing lights and a bed-shaking jolt that makes sure you won’t keep slapping the snooze.

Get Active

WIRK Linea Standup WorkstationPeople often jump on gym memberships when considering what to buy for the new year. We think more gradual lifestyle changes, like using standing desks, are the way to go. Not only will standing keep you more alert, it will also improve your posture and make you less sedentary.

Stay Motivated

Beyonce Coffee MugCollege is a long endeavor, and the light at the end of the tunnel can seem pretty far away. Let this motivational mug remind you that you can conquer anything, just like Beyoncé.

Keep Your Spirits Up

Nail TattoosWe bet with all that time at the computer, you end up looking at your hands a lot. They might as well make you crack a smile, with playful nail decals from Etsy. Subscribe to your favorite Etsy sellers to stay tuned for a promo code on your next purchase.

Combat Stress

Aveda stress-fix Body LotionSpas and massages are expensive, and meditation takes precious minutes you could be spending editing your thesis. But a calming, aromatherapy body lotion from Aveda takes seconds to apply.

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