Searching for a costume idea to help you really stand out this Halloween? We’ve compiled some of our favorite pop culture females from the last year to help you to create your own costume inspired by these dynamic ladies.

Elsa from Frozen

What to wear: For this look, it all starts with the braid. If you've got long enough hair, get some mega-hold hairspray and start braiding! Want to skip the work? Don't fret because Ebay has many Elsa-inspired wigs to help you make the leap to blonde ice queen in no time. Now that you've got the hair down, find the most sparkly blue dress you can find and you're all set!

Rosalyn from American Hustle

What to wear: This one is real simple! Find a leopard muumuu or maxi dress, some yellow rubber gloves from Target or Walmart, and throw your hair up in the highest, messiest up-do you can manage. Now you're ready to whip your hair back and forth all night.


What to wear: All black everything! Start with a black dress, add a black cape, and then get crafty with some paper mache and black duct tape or fabric to create the pièce de résistance- the horned headpiece. Extra points: Don a fake black crow on your shoulder, attach some long fake nails, and grab a "magical" staff to make your look complete.

Here's one option that's available on Ebates from Kmart:



Myrtle Snow from American Horror Story Coven

What to wear: A huge crimped red-wig (the bigger the better), cat-eye glasses, and as many layers as you can stand to wear. Think gloves, scarves, brooches and cloaks. Extra points if you can nail her eccentric accent and don't slip out of it for the entire night. 

Tris from Divergent

What to wear: This one could be made with items you already own- black leather jacket, simple black tank, skin tight black pants, and your hair in a slicked-back ponytail. Add the extra touch of a bird tattoo on your shoulder, just in case you take your jacket off.

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