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Barneys New York offers free shipping and free returns on every order.

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Barneys New York > Get the Luxury Look for Less with Barneys New York

Get the Luxury Look for Less with Barneys New York

Barneys New York is an amazing store for finding the best in luxury fashion. The hottest, trendiest name brands and styles are sold here, so you can always be on trend and in the know about what’s in and what’s not. I have a bit of an addiction to designer handbags, and Barneys New York helps me satisfy my desire for the best name brands without going over my budget.

If you’re looking for luxury items for your closet, turn to Barneys New York. You might think that you’ll break the bank at this place, but think again! There are ways that you can get the most for your money here, and these are my best tips for doing so.

Cash Back at Ebates

With Cash Back available at Ebates, you’ll earn Cash Back on every eligible order you place when you shop at the Barneys New York website through Ebates. With Ebates Cash Back, you’ll be able to earn a percentage back from every single dollar you spend at Barneys and will get this money back in the form of Cash Back at Ebates. That means you’ll be earning money while you buy!

Earn Alteration Credits

When you buy a beautiful new designer piece at Barneys New York, you want it to fit you perfectly. Even the slightest misfit is just not going to cut it. To help you get that personalized, perfect fit from their clothing, Barneys gives you the opportunity to earn credits that you can use towards clothing alterations. All you have to do is shop with your Barneys credit card, and for every $500 you spend, you’ll get $50 in credit towards alterations. Now you can fill your closet with designer clothes that fit your body so well they look like they were made just for you!

Save During Designer and Seasonal Sales

Barneys is great about running big sales. At the end of each season, there’s a seasonal sale where all of the merchandise from that season goes on sale at prices up to 40% off what they originally cost. The Designer Sale is a huge semi-annual event that is absolutely worth waiting for. I always look forward to this sale. Prices are marked with at least a 40% discount, so you can really save big at this sale.

Sales and Clearance Sections

The sales section is always the best place to find the best deals. I always shop this section to see what I can find and to discover what new things have been added. I check often because it seems like new things are always being added. The sales section is also really great for when you get in the mood to shop and buy yourself a treat. Everyone knows that feeling — you really want to buy a new pair of shoes or a fresh pair of jeans, but you can’t justify spending the money on something you don’t really need at the moment. The good news is, shopping in the sales section for your little treat will help you save money and satisfy that urge to splurge without actually ruining your budget.

Free Shipping and Free Returns, Always

At Barneys, there’s no minimum you have to spend to get free shipping on every single order. That’s right. You can order one tiny little thing, and it’ll ship for free. I love limitless free shipping deals because they offer so much flexibility with ordering. You don’t need to worry about consolidating orders or buying random things for a few dollars just to make it to that free shipping trigger limit that you’re sometimes just so close to reaching. Along with free shipping, Barneys also offers free returns with everything. If there’s something you think you’d like, there’s no risk in ordering it because you won’t have to spend or lose a cent on shipping it or returning it. In my opinion, this is one of the most amazing perks of shopping at Barneys.

Barneys New York Promo and Coupon Codes

Before you do your shopping, go to the Barneys New York page through Ebates to find the latest promo codes and coupon codes. These codes can be for anything from extra discounts on certain departments or items to free gifts with your orders and other great deals. Redeem these promo and coupon codes when you shop to spruce up your wardrobe with high-end fashion while pulling in the extra savings and cool Cash Back perks at Ebates. The coupon codes are always changing, so check every time you shop to see what’s new.

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