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Game On: Your Guide to Getting More Video Games for Your Money

Video game systems and consoles are so popular and fun, but can be so expensive — especially when your kids just have to have the latest and greatest in games and gaming systems. If you’re like me and have teenagers who love to game, know you’re not alone in wanting to save money on these pricey gaming systems. Read this article for some quick and easy ways to save while still giving your kids the games and systems they want.

How to Get Cash Back on Video Game Systems and Consoles

Cash Back at Ebates actually lets you earn money while helping you save money. Whenever you shop online for video game systems and consoles, make sure you do your shopping through Ebates. When you shop through Ebates, you’ll be on your way to earning a percentage of your eligible order back in the form of Cash Back.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes All the Time

It’s so easy to find promo and coupon codes for any of the stores featured on Ebates. All you have to do is go to the store page at Ebates and you’ll be able to find codes that are good for things like dollars off your entire order, percentage-off discounts on single items, free shipping, and so many other deals.

Take Advantage of Store Credit Card Savings

Using store credit cards will not only score you some extra time to finance your order, but you’ll also get to take advantage of all of the cardholder rewards and perks. You can earn some points to put toward a rewards card, possibly get an extra percentage off your order, and more, depending on which store you’re at and what the card perks are.

If you don’t have a store card, sometimes you can get big savings the day you open one, which can be really handy for buying a new video game system or console. Check to see what the store card’s initial discount is and decide if it’s worth signing up for one. Sometimes you’ll get an instant 20% off your first order, which can mean huge savings if your first order is a video game system or console. Stock up on games with this initial discount.

Shop Sales and Clearance Sections

This is a great way to get games for your new system. You may get lucky enough to find video game systems and consoles on sale or on clearance, but probably not, especially for newly released systems. Luckily, games are another story. Shopping for games on sale or clearance can help build your game collection on a budget and make sure there’s always something new to play.

Sign up for Store Emails

When you sign up to receive emails from stores that sell video game systems and consoles, like Best Buy, you’ll get first access to news about store-wide sales, including gaming equipment sales. You can also get extra discount codes and deals emailed to you periodically, just for being part of the newsletter list.

My kids are so into gaming that I signed up to receive emails from stores that get games and new systems so that I’ll never miss a sale on stuff they’ll love. It’s so handy to know what stores are having the best sales when I’m looking for gifts.

Shop for Free Shipping

Not getting free shipping can really cut into your savings and overall budget. Make it a point to shop at stores that offer free shipping with each order or if you spend a very minimal amount, like $25. These low limits will almost always be easy to reach, especially with games and video game systems and consoles.

Watch for Big Sales Events

Throughout the year, big sales events take place at stores like Amazon, Target, and GameStop. You can be sure to find these sales taking place around the holidays to attract holiday shoppers who are looking to buy gifts, but there are so many other events to watch for as well. Semi-annual sales, seasonal sales, special promotional events, and other types of money-saving events can pop up periodically, so check your favorite stores often for sales events.
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