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The Ultimate Guide to Tremendous Deals on Toys

Kids love to play, and they tend to get bored with things rather quickly. Because of this, you may feel like you have to buy new toys all the time to keep your kids entertained and mentally stimulated. This constant toy shopping can really put a strain on your budget, but then again, you want your kid to be satisfied and having fun. You can solve this problem and be able to buy way more toys than you’d expect while staying within budget when you just shop smart and use these simple tips.

How to Get Cash Back on Toys

Cash Back at Ebates helps you earn money while saving money. Whenever you shop online for toys, make sure you do your shopping through Ebates. When you shop through Ebates, you’ll be on your way to earning Cash Back. This Cash Back will be a percentage of your eligible order that you’ll earn back. The Cash Back is automatically deposited into your Ebates account and is such an easy way to earn money while you save.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes

It’s so easy to find promo and coupon codes for any of the stores featured on Ebates. Just go to the page for each store on Ebates and you’ll be able to find codes that are good for things like dollars off your order, percentage-off discounts, free shipping, and more.

Shop Sales and Clearance Sections

Like other stores, online toy stores are always marking things down. These toys aren’t out of date or unpopular, they’re just extra merchandise. I like to log on to my kid’s favorite toy website, go to the sale tab, and let him pick something. He’s always thrilled, and I am too, because I know what a good deal I’m getting. You can find marked down toys in all categories, from big items like bicycles, roller blades, and sports equipment to coloring books, crayons, plush toys, dolls, and so much more.

Sign up for Emails

When you sign up to receive emails from either toy stores or stores that sell toys as part of their merchandise, you’ll get first access to news about store-wide sales or discounts on toys. You can also get extra discount codes and deals emailed to you just for being part of the newsletter list.

I signed up for emails from all of my son’s favorite toy stores online, like Toys R Us, Are You Game, and Fisher Price, so I’ll be able to find out when the best sales are and surprise him with a toy from one of his favorite brands. Some stores that don’t deal exclusively in toys will send out extra percentage off coupon codes in emails, and you can use these on anything from the toy department.

Shop for Free Shipping

If you’re constantly ordering things online, not getting free shipping can really cut into your savings and overall budget. Make it a point to shop at stores that offer free shipping with each order or if you spend a very minimal amount, like $25. These low limits will almost always be easy to reach. If the store doesn’t offer free shipping, be sure to check the promo codes at Ebates to see if there’s a free shipping code you can use.

Watch for Big Sales Events

Throughout the year, big sales events take place at all toy stores and stores that have a toy section like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. These sales always take place around the holidays to attract holiday shoppers who are looking to buy lots of gifts, but there are also many other events to watch for like semi-annual sales, seasonal sales, special promotional events, and other types of money-saving deals.
Take Advantage of Store Credit Card Savings If you have a store credit card at a place that sells toys, you should definitely use that card when toy shopping there. You’ll get to take advantage of all of the card rewards and perks, like earning points to put toward a rewards card, or an extra percentage off all orders. If you don’t have a store card yet, sometimes you can get big savings the day you open one. If you’re placing a really big order, check to see what the store card’s initial discount is and decide if it’s worth signing up for a card. Sometimes you’ll get an instant 20% off your first order, which can mean huge savings if your first order is a big one.
Enable Cash Back