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How to Put Together Great Puzzles at Great Prices

Puzzles are such a fun rainy day activity for the whole family. Not only can they help you learn spatial reasoning, but afterward, you can glue your puzzle together and hang it on the wall as artwork! Whether you’re looking for a basic puzzle for a young child or one with so many pieces it’ll take you months to complete, you can find incredible deals on puzzles online. Shop using these money-saving tips to really put together the best puzzle collection without dismantling your bank account.

How to Get Cash Back on Puzzles

Ebates helps you earn money while you spend it with Cash Back. Whenever you shop online for puzzles, make sure you do your shopping through Ebates. When you shop through Ebates, you’ll be on your way to earning Cash Back on your orders. Cash Back is a percentage of every eligible order you place that you’ll earn back. This Cash Back is automatically deposited into your Ebates account shortly after you complete your order, and it comes back to you in the form of real and actual cash that you can spend absolutely anywhere.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes

It’s so easy to find promo and coupon codes for pretty much any and every store these days, especially because Ebates organizes the codes for each store on that store’s Ebates page. Find codes that are good for extra discounts, free shipping, free gifts, and so much more when you check out the Ebates page for whatever store you’re shopping at. Just apply these codes at checkout and you’ll get automatic, easy savings and discounts that will really add up fast.

Shop Sales and Clearance Sections

Toy stores and game stores almost always have discount puzzles in the sales and clearance sections. If there are too many of one print or style, a lot of this overstock gets marked down right away. Otherwise, a few times per year, stores tend to move merchandise out that isn’t selling and mark it down a lot. If you’re shopping for a new puzzle, always take a look at the clearance and sale sections first to see if you can find something unexpected and incredibly cheap.

Sign up for Emails

When you sign up with big stores that sell puzzles as part of their merchandise, like Toys R Us, The Disney Store, and even Amazon, you’ll be the first to receive news about store-wide sales, including puzzles. You can also score extra discount codes and deals for being part of the newsletter list. My favorite stores send out extra 10% off codes in emails just as a thank you for being a loyal shopper, and I always appreciate the savings. Use these codes to buy the puzzles you want, even if they’re not on sale.

Watch for Big Sales Events

Throughout the year, big sales events take place at all toy and puzzle stores. Around the holidays is always a good marking point to watch and wait for sales, but there are so many other events to watch for like semi-annual sales, seasonal sales, special promotional events, and so much more. Chances are, if puzzles aren’t on sale at the moment, you just have to wait a little while and you’ll end up running into a sale.

Find Free Shipping Deals

I have a really difficult time shopping at places without free shipping, just because so many great stores do offer it all the time. If you’re shopping at a store that doesn’t offer free shipping all the time, you may get lucky and find a special limited-time only free shipping sale, or snag a promo or coupon code online that will let you have your order shipped to you for free.

Take Advantage of Store Credit Card Perks

If you have a store credit card at a place that sells the puzzles you want, now is the time to use that card. You’ll get to take advantage of all of the card rewards and perks, like earned points toward a gift certificate, an extra percentage off, and more. Target always gives cardholders a 5% discount when using their card, so if you’re buying puzzles at Target, definitely use your card to get those savings.
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