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Your Guide to Plush Toys at Prices You'll Cuddle up to

Admit it — you had a favorite stuffed animal when you were a kid. Maybe even a few favorites. You might still have them now as an adult. There’s just something special about soft and fluffy plush toys that makes them a classic comfort for children and adults alike. From cute stuffed animals to plush objects like airplanes, dolls, and dinosaurs, the world of plush toys is nothing to overlook. I gave my grandmother a really adorable plush stuffed bear for her birthday this year because that’s her favorite animal, and my daughter hardly ever puts down her plush orca whale — it even has a spot with us at the dinner table.

If you’re looking to bring the joy of a plush toy to the lives of your loved ones, regardless of their age, keep reading to find out how you can find the best deals on the most lovable plush toys by shopping smart and using Ebates as a handy resource.

How to Get Cash Back on Plush Toys

Ebates helps you earn money while you spend it with Cash Back. Whenever you shop online for plush toys, make sure you shop through Ebates. When you shop through Ebates, you’ll start earning Cash Back on your orders. Cash Back is a percentage of every eligible order you place that you’ll earn back. This Cash Back is automatically deposited into your Ebates account and will add up super quickly.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes

When shopping for plush toys, always check to see if there’s a promo or coupon code available on Ebates for your store of choice. Each Ebates store page includes a really streamlined and easy-to-read list of all the current and active promo and coupon codes for that specific store. You can also find a list of current sales here. These lists are always being updated, so check back often to get the latest and greatest sales and coupon and promo codes that are good for amazing deals like extra discounts, free shipping, free gifts with orders, and so much more.

Shop Sales and Clearance Sections

Just because a plush toy is on sale or clearance doesn’t mean that it’s any less lovable. If anything, you’ll be able to buy twice as many new fluffy friends with all the money you’ll save when you shop the sale merchandise. Toy stores and specialty stores like Toys R Us and Build-A-Bear Workshop usually have sale sections, and plush toys can almost always be found there.

Sign up for Store Emails

Sign up for free to receive emails from companies that offer selections of plush toys. This will really help keep you in the loop about new plush releases, different sales and specials, as well as upcoming events and promotions that can save you money. You may also get special perks like coupon codes mailed to you periodically.

Wait for Holiday Event Sales

Plush toys are iconic for being the perfect gift, so stores that sell them tend to put them on sale at really great discounts around holidays. Watch for Easter sales on cute stuffed bunnies and lambs, or look for Christmas-themed plush toys in December. Stores like The Disney Store put out new plush toys to coincide with movie releases so you can get your child’s new favorite cartoon character right when she wants it most.

Find Free Shipping

We all love free shipping, and it’s always such a treat to get it. Find free shipping deals at so many of your favorite online stores that sell plush toys. If the place you’re shopping at doesn’t offer free shipping, check out the store’s Ebates page to see if there’s a coupon code that will add free shipping to your order.

Join Rewards Programs

Lots of places that sell toys, including plush toys, also offer rewards programs that are free and super easy to join. After you join one of these rewards programs, you can earn points back for orders and then get rewarded with gift certificates and store credit when you save up a certain number of points. You can also get cool things like discounts for being a loyal shopper and special perks for your birthday. Check to see if your favorite stores offer any sort of rewards program, and if they do, be sure to join, especially if it’s free.
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