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Make Memories With Personalized Toys at Custom Prices

Nothing will make your kids feel more special and loved than a personalized toy. From Build-A-Bear Workshops where new best friends can be created, to toys with their names on them that they’ll get such a kick out of, you can find deals on all the best one-of-a-kind toys when you shop through Ebates. While regular toys are fun, throw a few personalized toys into the toy box to really give playtime a special feeling. Here are some tips for finding the best deals on the cutest personalized toys for children.

How to Get Cash Back on Personalized Toys

Whenever you shop online for personalized toys, make sure you shop through Ebates. When you shop through Ebates, you’ll start earning Cash Back on your orders. Cash Back is a percentage earned back on every eligible order you place. The Cash Back you earn is automatically deposited into your Ebates account, meaning you’ll be earning money while you save money shopping for the best priced personalized toys around.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes

When shopping for personalized toys, always check to see if there’s a promo or coupon code available on Ebates for your store of choice. Each Ebates store page includes a really helpful list of all the most recent and active promo and coupon codes for that specific store. You can also find a list of current sales outlined with the promo codes. These lists are constantly being updated, so check back often to get coupon and promo codes that are good for amazing deals like extra discounts, free shipping, free gifts with orders, and so much more.

Get Store Emails

Sign up for free to receive emails from companies that offer personalized toys. This will keep you in the loop about new product releases, different sales, and specials, as well as upcoming events and promotions. You may also get special perks like periodic coupon codes sent to you. This is the best way to find out about things like 12-hour flash sales or extra discounts that are offered for a limited period of time.

Wait for Holiday Event Sales

Because personalized toys are so special and unique, they make amazing gifts. This means that holidays are the biggest time for personalized toy stores. Because of this, usually the bulk of the best sales are at these times. Watch for the typical sales like Black Friday events, but don’t overlook other sales, like 4th of July and Halloween sales, where you can find not only personalized toys, but also themed toys for those holidays.

Find Free Shipping

We all love free shipping, and it’s always such a treat to get it, especially on large or heavy objects that would otherwise be expensive to ship. Find free shipping deals on eBay by filtering for it, or spend a certain amount of eligible goods on Amazon. If the store you’re shopping at doesn’t offer free shipping, check out the store’s Ebates page to see if there’s a coupon code that you can add to your order.

Join Rewards Programs

Lots of places that sell personalized toys also offer rewards programs that are free and easy to join. You can earn points back for orders and then get rewarded when you save up a certain amount, or you can get extra discounts for being a loyal shopper. Check to see if your favorite stores offer any sort of rewards program, and if they do, you should always join, especially if it’s free.

The next time you’re looking for the most perfect, heartfelt gift that will really show your child that they’re the most special little one in the world, consider going with a personalized toy like a custom mickey mouse hat from The Disney Store, a special drawing notebook with their name on it from Century Novelty, or another unique item to play and create with that they’ll know is something specially made just for them. They’ll feel so loved and inspired, and you’ll feel great knowing how much money you saved and how much Cash Back you earned at Ebates. All of that is just priceless.
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