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Bundle Your PC Games With Deals That Really Compute

From educational kids’ games that teach and stimulate to elaborate role-playing games that will keep teens and adults entertained for hours on end, PC games are fun for people of all ages. If you’re a serious gamer, or have one in your family, you know how quickly costs can add up when you’re trying to keep up with all the new releases and collect all the classics. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to score the hottest PC games for the best prices when you follow these few simple shopping tips.

How to Get Cash Back on PC Games

Make sure you shop for PC games through Ebates. Shopping at your favorite stores through Ebates allows you to start earning Cash Back on your orders. Cash Back gives you a percentage back on every eligible order you place through Ebates. That means you’ll be earning money while you save money shopping for the best priced PC games around.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes

When shopping for PC games, always check to see if there’s a promo or coupon code available for your store of choice. Each Ebates store page includes a really helpful list of all the current promo and coupon codes for that specific store. The list also includes sales, and it is constantly being updated, so check back often to get extra discounts, free shipping, and more.

Wait for Holiday Sales

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holidays throughout the year are excellent times to buy PC games. Stores like GameStop and Toys R Us are guaranteed to have huge selections of games at minimal prices during these events. I like to shop for my family during these sales events, as well as to find gifts for all my friends who are gamers or have kids who love playing PC games regularly. New releases can sometimes be found during these events, which is always a bonus, and sometimes there will be deals like buy one, get one free games or used games for half price.

Find Free Shipping Deals

It’s easy to find stores that offer free shipping. If you do a lot of online shopping, you know how expensive it can get to pay for shipping, especially if you shop at a number of different stores. Always look for the places that offer free shipping, or try to find a promo code for free shipping. Some places will give you free shipping if you spend over a specific amount, which is great if you plan on buying a lot, but who doesn’t love the no-catch free shipping?

Get Store Emails

It’s so fun to get savings and sales news delivered directly to your inbox. You’ll never miss a sale again when you sign up for email alerts and newsletters from the stores you shop at the most. Some stores, like Best Buy and Amazon, don’t exclusively sell PC games, but they do have a wide selection available, so be sure to sign up for their emails. These stores usually have sales that span across specific departments, and a sale on games is very likely to happen. Don’t miss out by not getting the email alert.

Shop the Clearance and Sales Sections First

When you start your shopping spree for PC games, makes sure to check the sales and clearance sections before shopping the regularly priced merchandise. This is especially useful when you don’t have a specific game in mind but just want something new. I found a game on clearance that quickly became my son’s favorite. It looked fun and was marked down so I bought it for him as a random surprise, and now he plays it every night. Save money while exploring unknown games when you shop sales and clearance sections.

Use Store Credit Cards and Earn Rewards

If you have a store credit card that gives you rewards points or extra discounts either for using it or just having it, don’t forget to take advantage of the benefits. For example, Target gives REDcard shoppers 5% off all orders placed with the card, which can really add up over time to amount to big savings. Some stores also offer great incentives to open a new card, so always inquire about what you could save if you use or open a card at your favorite PC game store. Sometimes you’ll get 20% off or more on the first order you place with your card, so save that first order for an expensive new release or a large, consolidated order to get the most out of the discount.
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