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The Secret to Finding Electrifying Deals on Kids’ Electronics

Do you have a little techie on your hands? Is your kid into all the latest and greatest tech toys and gadgets? If your child is interested in modern electronic games, you probably know how expensive these advanced toys and gadgets can be.

Luckily for you, there are so many ways that you can save money on all the newest trends in technology for your savvy kids, from video games and iPads to robots, music stations, and so much more. Here are a few valuable ways to save when shopping for electronics for your children at favorite stores like Dell, Best Buy, and more.

How to Get Cash Back on Kids’ Electronics Items

Whenever you shop for electronics for your kids, remember to shop through Ebates. This will allow you to save money on everything techy that your kids want. Shopping at stores through Ebates means you’ll automatically receive a percentage back of every eligible order you place. This Cash Back is tracked in your Ebates account and will add up so fast you won’t believe it.

Ebates also offers promo and coupon codes that give you extra deals, from free shipping to free gifts and dollars off orders. These promo and coupon codes are located on the store’s page on Ebates, so don’t forget to check to see the latest deals on kids’ electronics so you can really save the most.

Seasonal Sales

Electronics tend to go on sale at two main times throughout the year: back-to-school season and Cyber Monday sales after the holidays. These two times are when I like to shop the most to get the best prices. Computers and laptops, as well as iPads and iPods from MacMall, and other portable personal kids’ electronics are always marked down during the back-to-school season. This is the perfect time to order some new electronics for your little learner.

Before the holidays hit, take advantage of Cyber Monday sales to really rack up the savings on the tech gear your child will be so excited to receive as a gift. Find the hottest video games and consoles of the season on sale at incredibly low prices when you shop Cyber Monday sales, all from the comfort of your own home at online stores through Ebates.

Sales are always happening, so don’t forget to check throughout the year at your favorite electronics stores to see what specials you can find on items that will delight your kids.

Clearance and Sale Sections

Electronics are notorious for constantly advancing and going out of style so quickly. However, when it comes to kids’ electronics, things move a little more slowly. This means that shopping the sales and clearance sections of your favorite electronics store is a great way to score still-trendy electronics that your kids will love. I always find new video games for my sons on sale or in the clearance section at GameStop. This allows them to have a huge collection full of new and favorite games, all while I save so much money and they get the most out of their video game console.

Store Credit Card Savings and Other Reward Perks

These days, most online stores have rewards or loyalty programs that their most frequent shoppers can benefit from. If you have a favorite online store that you love to shop at for your electronics, consider opening a store credit card with them so that you can take advantage of all the extra perks that go with carrying one. As a store cardholder, you’ll be able to get exclusive access to sales, personalized extra discounts, and other bonuses that really make them worth signing up for. Target gives REDcard shoppers 5% off all orders placed with the card, which can really add up over time to amount to big savings. Some stores don’t offer a credit card, but they may have a rewards card or discount card club you can join to save.

Lots of stores, like HP, also offer special perks if you sign up to receive their email newsletter. I love signing up for these emails from stores, not only for the discount you get for signing up (which can sometimes be 50% off any item in your first order), but also because after I sign up, I’m the first to know about all the sales and promotions that are happening on all the latest and hottest kids’ electronics.
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